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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beanie's trip to London AND my 500th Post!!!

 Last Sunday, we got up early and went for a walk.  We saw a cat looking out of his window!!!  We stopped and waved!!

 Then we got up to the train station!!  Oh!  We're going somewhere!!!  how fab...!

 Here we are waiting at the platform.....
We got on a train to London and our friend Emma was on it!!!  It was super dooper busy though and we didn't have any elbow space to take pictures.

 And we finally arrived at London!!!
We had to go to the bus stop to the right of this picture to get a number 11 bus.

 And we tied a weathergram to the handrail!!

 We watched out of the window carefullly....

 Until we got here!!!  This is called Aldwych.

 Then we crossed over to get to Somerset House!  We got this picture of a pretty church AND a telephone box AND a fancy lamppost AND a London double decker bus ALL IN THE SAME PICTURE!!  How fab is THAT?!!

 We're going to see an Expedition about a chap called Albrecht Durer!!!
Andrea says he's really good at drawing.

We saw the Christmas tree again too.  There were loads of people skating there today.

 First of all we all went for a wee.  I tied a CD to the door!!
(Ed's note: This is CD 150 and has been officially found on and is now a Christmas Tree decoration!!!)

 Then we stopped for coffee.  Slurp!

 Oh!  I remember these gratings!  They're really pretty!!!
We started up on the 2nd floor (which in America is the 3rd floor because you don't have a ground floor, you go from basement to first floor)  That's where the Special Expedition was and it was really good!  We also saw some Seurat paintings which are the dotty impressionist ones.  Emma really liked those, so did I!

 Then we went to the 1st floor which is the American 2nd floor.  We saw this floor grating and lots more impressionist paintings by Cezanne and Van Gogh.  They were really good, we enjoyed those!!

 Then we went to the basement cafe which is in the American basement as well as the English one, because that's where the cafe is and we were hungry!!
I had a fizzy drink!

 Then we had this for lunch!!!  In a PAN???!!

 OH!!  It's tomato and basil soup (and a big portion too!) with a cheesey chive scone with a dollop of butter.
We scoffed all of that very quickly!!

 Then we all decided to have Cake.  I had a chocolate Brownie.  Which was yumtastic!!

And Emma had a Black Forest Gateaux!  That looks fab!  Can I lick your plate please?!!!

 Then we went for another wee and I left another CD in a different cubicle!!!

 Then we had a walk up to Covent Garden which isn't very far away!!  We went past a cake shop!

 And met some bears!!

 And then arrived at Covent Garden!  We saw Rudolph with a red nose!!

 And an enormous Christmas Tree!!

 AND a snow globe you could walk through and the buildings are all made of lego bricks!!!

 There's the Shard and the Millenium wheel!!!

 And the other side had Big Ben and St Pauls Cathedral...

 And even had the Gherkin in it!!!

There's Big Ben again!!
All lego bricks!!

 And that building there isn't really a building.  It's a piece of fabric disguising some scaffolding!!!

 Then we walked back towards Somerset House again and went past the Savoy Hotel!  Their topiary cats have ribbons on!!

 And they've got trees up too!!

 Then we had to get a bus back to the station.  Oh, the number 11 is ours, in 2 minutes time!!

 And we tied another weathergram onto the railing again!!

 And I just about got a picture of Big Ben!!

 There's Westminster Abbey.....

 And here we are back at the station again.  We had to wait a long time for the train home as there was only one an hour.... and then they didn't tell us what platform it was on until 3 minutes before departure and everybody had to run through the barriers!!!

But we all got on and got a seat and watched the world go by!!!

 And then it was just a short walk home from the station!!!

 Gosh that was fun!!!

 We got some of these postcards.....

 And some of these postcards....

 And one of them - apparently that hand in the top right hand side is a really rude gesture!!!!!

And we got one of these as well!!

 We also got a Bubble Bar from the Lush shop at Victoria Station before we came home!!  These smell fabulous!!

 When we got home, we discovered a box waiting for us.  what is it???!

Andrea says it's a Wee Fee Gizmo....... oh!  What's a gizmo???


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations on your 500th post!

  2. What a great outing! And those cards are beautiful

  3. What great pictures! Loved them all! And can you believe we each posted our 500th on the same day! Wow!

  4. WOW! What an adventure... I have to say though... the Shard & the Gherkin??? Really? The Brits have such imaginative names for things!

  5. 500 posts! Wow Beanie! Looks like you had a grand day out. London is so much fun!