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Monday, 30 December 2013

Review of the year - 2013

Well this year has been busy....... let's have a look at what happened....!

January - this was a quiet month but we did have snow!!
That post is here January Snow

February, we had an expedition to London to see some paintings!!
This post is here Picasso Expedition

March was exciting - we went on Holiday to Lille in France!!  AND we nearly got stranded in a Big Storm!
Day one is Here
Day two is Here
Day three is Here
Day four is Here

April was sad.  There was a Big Bomb in Boston during the Marathon running.  We have friends in Boston but luckily they were all OK.

In May we had another expedition to London and this time, we met up with Bob and Dilly!!!
This day out is The Pompeii Expedition

On another day we went shopping!
This post is Here

In June, we learnt lots of cooking including Borscht soup!!
This post is this one, Cooking Borscht

 In July, we had TWO expeditions to London!!  The first one was to the Royal Academy....

And the second one was at the Tate Britain!

August was a quiet month again.... but we did a lot of doodling in my sketchbook!
That's here, Doodle Book

In September, we saw some funny things on the seafront one day -
That's HERE

And on another day, we came to the Pavillion!
That's HERE

October was really exciting!  We had Sullivan come and visit!!!
Day one is HERE
Day two is HERE
After the book convention, we met again HERE
and the last day is HERE

November, we had another day in London!!  We were hoping to meet up with Bob and Dilly again but they couldn't make it so we did a bit of shopping for them instead!

In December we had another day in London with our friend Emma!! 
We saw lots of Christmas decorations HERE
Gosh, we did a lot this year.....!  Most importantly, Andrea still has a job, we still have somewhere to live and food to eat, and lots of friends to cheer us up!!!
Happy New Year everyone!!

Mail from Sandy!!


 We got Alexander's card!!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sketch book

This is the latest page of my sketch book!

Our cooking book!

 I've been hearing rumours that we're going on A Big Trip next for Andrea's birthday and she asked me to make her a Cooking Book.  So I decorated a piece of watercolour paper with watercolour paint and plastic-wrap on the top to get a funky cover (above) and then painted some Indian Khadi paper for the inside pages.
I added the title later!

 I've been collecting recipes and so far, have six of them written in.  Now, the fun part about this cooking book is that the pages are different sizes and colours!!!!!

I added to the cover of the book!
And I used washi tape, stickers and an empty tea bag wrapper to store some shop receipts!!!

So far, I'm about half way through the book....!!!
This is fun...!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

New DVD shelving!!

It was going to be a fabric shelving unit but that didn't work so I used pine shelves and bits of string instead!! Ta-dah!


  We start with The Dud Present. Two pairs of socks fro Andrea's sister in law, Voldemort. Good huh? Imaginative.

  And a jazz CD. Andrea hates jazz. Always has. Him, charity shop will do well,then!!

  My cracker presents were brilliant though!! A Beanie sized tea strainer and a Beanie sizes cheese grater!!!

 A new DVD!

 Chocolates!!! Yippee!

A sketch pad

 A blank book.

 I got a all the paper too!!

 Best of all we got a brand new saute pan specially for poaching salmon!! Guess what's for dinner tonight!!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day!!

 We got. up at about eight.   Looks  a bit bit murky outside 

We opened Andrea's prezzie.

Oh wow!!

It's a sketchbook with lots of different papers in it!

Now for mine!!

Measuring spoons!! Perfect!
What do you call a dog with a bunch of daisies on its head?
A collie flower!!! Hahahaaa!

After breakfast of hot croissants, we went for a walk!

There's some rainclouds coming...!

We got as far as the reindeer's bum and the it started raining so Andrea put me away and rushed off to her parents house for lunch!  After tons of food and prezzies, we came home and saw these clouds coming!

Just as we got home, we saw more clouds coming!!