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Saturday, 9 November 2013

We got a Free Gift!!!

 Last Saturday when Sullivan was busy with the Convention, me and Andrea went sort of shopping at Boots up the road.  (Boots is a bit like CVS or Walgreens in America)

 Andrea has a Boots Advantage card which is like a loyalty card, and we had just over £8 in points towards a free gift.  I helped her pick out this stripey tin box which cost £8, and we got it for free!!!!!
Andrea said I can have the ribbon on the handle to make something with!

 Inside was a bathroom cupcake making set!!!

 Therew as chocolate flavoured shower gel....

 And Vanilla flavoured hand lotion......

 And a gingerbread man shaped soap!!!!!

AND the tin box can be used as a lunch box when Andrea goes to work!!!  Isn't that fun?!?!