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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Waving Goodbye to Sullivan!!!

 On Monday 4th November, it was the day Sullivan went home.  So we met him at his hotel and helped him take his suitcases to the Coach Station.  He had to buy another one to put all his free books in!!!  We walked along the seafront and saw the Bandstand.  That's pretty!!

 That's the West Pier behind us - it burnt down a few years ago.

 Then we found a cafe and since we had a couple of hours to spare, sat down for coffee.  Slurp!!

 We had a good old chat.  Sullivan said he really enjoyed the Convention and seeing Brighton!!  I'm pleased!  I had a great time showing him round!!!!

 When it was nearly time to get the coach, we collected the suitcases and went to the coach station.  That's the Brighton Pier there (used to be called the Palace Pier when Andrea was a kid!)

 And said goodbye to Sullivan!!!  It's sad to see him go home..... 

 ....and he got on the bus....

 And he sat there where the arrows point!!!!!  We waved madly at him when the bus left!!!!!  Hope he got home safely....!!

 Then we got the bus to Lansdowne Place because we had something to do for someone..... and went down to the seafront again.

 We tied two weathergrams to the railings in memory of Sir Woodstock's granny and doggy.  Hope they like them....

 It was a bit blowy though....

 But very peaceful.

 We had a look round for some sparkly stones like we found last year.  We found a red one....

 And a wishing stone with a hole through the middle!

 There's the Pier's again in the distance.....  What a lovely day!!

I wonder if Sir Woodstock would like one or two of these...?


  1. We had a bit of a worry when we got to Heathrow, because there was rain and wind in Amsterdam and some flights got cancelled! luckily ours didn't get cancelled, so we finally got home around midnight.
    Thanks again for everything, Beanie! I had a great time, and it was so cool to meet up with you again.

  2. Even blowy days can be super nice! And a stone with a hole in it... that would make a good necklace... I think I see the mouse medallion around your neck!

  3. Wonderful photos! How great that you got to meet Sullivan! We're jealous!

  4. @Sullivan - glad you made it!! And so pleased you enjoyed your trip!!