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Saturday, 2 November 2013

And then on Thursday.....

 On Thursday morning, we went down to Sullivan's hotel to meet them after breakfast.  We saw this interesting gate on the way.

 then we saw some funny pictures!!

 And this one as well!!!

 Sullivan needed to go up to the shops on the main road, so we showed them where everything was and then walked to the Pier.  We found some new cable box designs on the way!!!

 And then had a quick look at the Pavillion!!

 And then went to the seafront!!  It was very blowy again today, too!!!

 Oh here we go!!  Sullivan wanted to play the arcade games so we went in.....

 And got some 2p coins and went on the arcade games!!!!

 OH!!  Here we go!  Blue Spiders!!!!


 WE WON AGAIN!!!!  Oh this is brilliant!!

 Then we went on another arcade game and won a sparkley key chain!!!

 and THEN on ANOTHER arcade game, we won a note book in a Union Jack cover on a key chain!!!
Sullivan had that one so he could write his travel diary in it.

 Then we had a look round the rest of the Pier.

 and saw some funny cow legs table!!!  Hahahaaa!!

 Then we walked back into town and stopped for coffee.

 and saw some more grafitti.....!!

 ....on buildings too!!!

 We stopped at the Cinema to use the toilets and afterwards we met a rat selling cakes for charity.  Sullivan donated money to take photos!!! 

 And then, on the way to the Book Convention, we saw these ones too.

We dropped Sullivan off at the Metropole Hotel where the Book Convention is at lunchtime.  He's going to be very busy collecting autographs until Sunday.  We'll meet up with him again Sunday afternoon for Another Adventure in Brighton!!!  How fun....!!


  1. Excellent adventure Beanie! You won four prizes... or was it more?! Good job!

  2. Looks like you did a lot of things in a short amount of time! Cool that you each got spiders!

  3. The pier was so cool. I never played an arcade game before, it was fun!

  4. @ Alexander - we won four prizes!! Two each, a spider and a keyring!! We were so happy!!!