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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pumpkin Carving Contest

 We decided to take part in Jerry and Ben's Pumpkin Carving Contest again this year!!!  Andrea got us a huge ENORMOUS one!!

 First we had to cut the top off.....

 Coo... there's a lot of seeds in these things....!!

 Tango scooped out even more seeds!!!

 WOW!!!  That's LOADS!

 Then we started scooping out the insides as well.....

 Finished!!  YAY!!!

 Then we had to made the face... this is hard work you know....

 TA-DAAA!!!!!  Let's put a candle in it!!!

 FINISHED!!  That's our entry in the contest!!!!!



  1. Looks BEARY SPOOKY Beanie! Great job! We'll be sure to add your entry to our contest!

  2. It's a Great Pumpkin! Did you roast the pumpkin seeds?

  3. Hello! That looks like a lot of fun. My name is Ajdin and I just started a blog. I hope we can be friends! :D