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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beanie's Birthday Cakes!!!

 Yesterday, I got to do something very fun and VERY messy!!!  First of all, Andrea went shopping and brought home some caster sugar, icing sugar, plain flour, baking powder, unsalted butter, vanilla essence and a Muffin Tin.  She said the Muffin Tin was a Birthday Present for me!!!!  We also got some milk and eggs out of the fridge.

 Then we got a big bowl, and put in a teaspoon of baking powder, 100g caster sugar and 100g of the butter.

 Then we put in 200g of sifted flour.  Andrea almost forgot that, but I read the recipe book and reminded her!!!!  We mixed that all together by paws and fingers until it was all mixed together.

 Then we put three eggs, 5 fluid oz of milk and a teaspoon of vanilla essence into a jar and mixed that all together.

 Then we poured the wet bits into the dry bits a little at a time and mixed it all up......

 Until it looked like this!!

 Then we got My Muffin Tin Tray and put some paper whatsits in, and then spooned out the gooey mixture into the paper whatsits.  That was REALLY messy!!!  I got some on my ears!!!!!

 Then we put the tray into a warmed up oven and left them in there for 25 minutes!!

 And that's how they came out!!  Oh, this is exciting!!!

 THEN - we're not finished yet!! - we got 100g of the unsalted butter and 100g (or was it 200g??) of the icing sugar and another teaspoon of vanilla essence and mixed that all together.....

 Until it looked like that!  Oh wow!!  What do we do with this, then??

 Oh!  We put a bit on top of the cakes!!!!  Hang on, they look like Beanie sized birthday cakes now!!!

 OH YEAH!!!  It's my birthday tomorrow!!!  Except Andrea's going to work tomorrow so we started early!!!  Oh how fun!!!  I made twelve birthday cakes!  Does that mean I'm twelve years old this year?

Andrea said I could eat one straight away just to make sure it was OK.  It was a little gummy gooey in the middle, like it hadn't quite cooked long enough, but the icing was YUMTASTIC!!  (Andrea even let me lick the icing spoons and jar clean too!!!)
If we do this again, I think we need to put the Muffin Tin Tray on the bottom oven shelf and leave it in for 30 minutes instead of 25 minutes.  
But these are yummy!  I like my Muffin Tin Tray present!!!


  1. Happy early Birthday Beanie!!! Our birthday card will arrive a little late; Papa has been beary busy at work and forgot your special day (Ben and Jerry have their arms crossed and are giving him a not-so-nice look right now). The cupcakes look yummy!

    1. Oh don't worry. Andrea says because I'm 12 this year, I get an extended Birthday over the next two weeks!!!!! HAHA!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Beanie! Delicious-looking cakes! You and Andrea enjoy them all!