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Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Royal Pavillion!

 A few weekends ago, Andrea took me for a walk into town.  We went through a park called Pavillion Gardens and we saw that picture!!

 There's loads of pretty flowers here, but you're not allowed to pick any of them because some of them are quite old and rare.

 We came to the Royal Pavillion!!  We went into have a look and it's really AMAZING in there!!  You're not allowed to take photographs inside though because it belongs to the Queen and she said so.  Which is a shame because it's really gorgeous!!  There's loads of dragons inside!!!

Up the top, there's a tea room with an outside terrace.  There's one of the dome rooftops!!

And there's the Pavillion Gardens that we walked through!!!  It's really pretty!

And over there is the Brighton Museum which is another really pretty building to go in!
That doesn't cost money to go into, though, Andrea says.

We got into the Pavillion for free on our Art Pass!!  It normally costs £10.50.

And Andrea made me a squished penny in the machine in the gift shop!!  I love squished pennies!!

It's got a picture of the Pavillion on it!
Oh what a fun day out!


  1. That Royal Pavilion is where we met when I came to Brighton!!! It has beautiful gardens outside. What a great adventure day Beanie!