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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beanie's Recipe Book.....

 I've been hearing rumours that we're going on A Big Trip next for Andrea's birthday and she asked me to make her a Cooking Book.  So I decorated a piece of watercolour paper with watercolour paint and plastic-wrap on the top to get a funky cover (above) and then painted some Indian Khadi paper for the inside pages.

 I've been collecting recipes and so far, have six of them written in.  Now, the fun part about this cooking book is that the pages are different sizes and colours!!!!!

And I used washi tape, stickers and an empty tea bag wrapper to store some shop receipts!!!

So far, I'm about half way through the book....!!!
This is fun...!


  1. You are such a crafty mouse!! Maybe one day for a BIG trip, you'll make it across the pond and come to visit North America! Mind you, all your stuffie friends are spread all over the place here!

  2. All of those recipes look perfect for a little bear!

  3. The poached salmon one is REALLY good!!! I think it's better with Fried Rice....

  4. Your recipe book is magnificent! Thanks for the peek!