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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Movie review - "The Count of Monte Cristo"

Movie review number13

This movie stars Richard Chamberlain in the title role, and also Donald Pleasance, Louis Jordan and Tony Curtis.  It starts with Richard Chamberlain returning to Marseilles from a successful  shipping trip - one of those old sail cloth boats!!  Unfortunately, it seems the captain died on board and was buried at sea..... it later transpires that the Captain ordered a stop at Elba, and went to the island on his own..... where Napoleon has been detained!!!  OH!!
While Richard Chamberlain is planning his wedding to his sweetheart, Donald Pleasance (baddie banker) and Tony Curtis (baddie Army man) and another lowly miscreant from the ship (baddie thief) write a letter to Louis Jourdan (baddie lawyer) saying that Richard Chamberlain has been conniving with Napoleon to help his escape from Elba!!!
Louis Jourdan, the baddie lawyer, discovers a letter on Richard Chamberlain, from Napoleon to be delivered to Louis Jourdan's father with details of the escape plan.... and subsequently Richard Chamberlain is taken to Chateau d'If, a prison castle built on a rock with no means of escape!!  OH NO!
Several years later, Richard Chamberlain meets an Abbott, also imprisonned at the Chateau and they form an escape plan..... whilst digging the escape tunnel, the Abbott tells Richard C about a mystery stash of treasure on the island of Monte Cristo and that when Richard escapes, he must find it and spend in In Good Ways.  The Abbott later dies before the tunnel is finishes..... and when he's wrapped up in a tarpaulin for "disposal" at sea, Richard Chamberlain works out that he can change places with the Abbott and escape.... so he does!  When he's thrown into the sea, he cuts himself out of the tarpaulin and swims away from the Chateau d'If.....and is rescued days later by a small pirateering boat!!  They use the map to find the treasure on Monte Cristo and Richard Chamberlain has enough money to transform himself into The Count Of Monte Cristo!!!!!
Now, this is where the excitement begins!  The Count moves to Paris and introduces himself into High Society.  He opens a bank account with Donald Pleasance, The Evil Banker, who introduces him to Louis Jourdan, the Evil Lawyer!  Louis' daughter walks in on the meeting and takes him to meet Grandfather, who originally was to receive the letter from Napoleon!!!  Then, the daughter gets her boyfriend to introduce him to The Count, and the boyfriend turns out to be the son of Tony Curtis, the Evil Army man who ended up marrying The Count's childhood sweetheart..... who is the only person to recognise The Count for who he is!!!
The Count then goes about exacting his revenge on the Baddies...... in a rather exciting fashion! ...... but I won't spoil the story for you by telling you if he succeeds or not!!!  There's also a mad race against time at the end to see if he can win back his childhood sweetheart.

Absolutely!  This is a fabulous story of love, revenge, escape, more revenge, swashbuckling, and a rather bittersweet ending.... story originally written by Alexander Dumas, famous Klingon.

Beanie gives this 9.5 squeaks out of 10!!

Classic popcorn (sweet or salt) and Ice Cream to follow.


  1. I saw this movie years ago and your review makes me want to see it again!

    Klingon, right! LOL!

  2. We saw this movie a long time ago, and it was good!

    Have you ever tried adding some honey to melted butter and drizzling it over your popcorn! yummy
    Oh, we're traveling a liittle, but received word your little package arrived safe. Thanks, we'll blog about it next week when we get back.

  3. Ooooh! G. Says that she loves that movie! Did you and Andrea see the Thornbirds series? It's with Richard Chamberlain too! It's our most favourite series!

  4. Great review Beanie and... I've seen this movie too!! It's beary good.