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Monday, 1 July 2013

Beanie's day out in London!!

 Yesterday (30th June) me and Andrea got the bus up to the train station.....

 We saw a new grafitti cable box!!!

 that's the side - it's got plug sockets painted on it!!!  hahahahaaaa!!

 We got on a train to Brighton and left a card on the table in front!!

 Then we changed platforms to get a super fast train up to London!!!  Those shadows are quite pretty...

 Here we go....!

 Going over the river - we're nearly there!!!

 Andrea had to take a pee first so I left a CD on the door!!!

 And then we got the number 38 bus - there was FOUR of them waiting outside just for us!!!!

We tied one of Fleur's tags to the seat in front!!

 That's Hyde Park Corner with a big statue thingy in the middle!

 And then we got off here!!!  We're going to an Expedition!!!  I love those!!

 Oh wow!!! Somebody gift-wrapped the building!!!  It looks a little bit like one of them Klimt paintings....

 We got a ticket to the Summer Expedition and then went up the main staircase to the expedition rooms.  There were LOADS of paintings there - some were those modern colourful abstracty ones, and two or three looked like they'd been painting by a 5 year old, but most of them were super douper high quality paintings!! We also found some more drain cover thingies!!  (indoor ones though!)

 A lot of the paintings were oils and acrylics and there were loads of different types of prints but only one or two watercolour paintings.  Apparently, 10,000 people applied to enter and they only took about 1,000!  They were all for sale too - prices started at £100 and the most expensive was £105,000!!!!!
We also found a square drain cover with "RA" in the middle!

 Then we went in the gift shop and we got an illustrated expedition book!  We can look at our favourite paintings now!

 Then we walked down the road a bit to the Laduree shop!!!  OH WOW!  New boxes!


 We got the bus down to Piccadilly Circus (I wonder if that's where Dilly used to live?) and looked back towards the Royal Academy.  There were lots of banners hanging up.

There's Piccadilly Circus! 

 There's more of those banners.  It's to do with the Queen having been Queen for 60 years.

 Those are the moving picture things!!

 Then we got another bus to Trafalgar Square.  You can just about see Nelson's Column in the distance!

 There it is!!

 And that's the rocking horse still on the Fourth Plinth.  Wonder when it will be changed??

 Then we walked round the corner for lunch here!

 We were very thirsty because it was so hot today, so first of all we had a drink.

 And we left another tag in the cake stand thingy!

 Salmon fishcakes and fries..... YUMMMMM!

Then we popped into Cass Art Shop to see if there was anything we wanted - weirdly, Andrea didn't buy anything.  She said she had everything she wanted already and they didn't have any special fancy papers to get.  Oh well.

 We went down to Trafalgar Square again and saw some weird clouds in the sky!!!  Gosh, that's pretty...!

 Then we got the number 11 bus back to the train station - and tied another tag to the seat in front!!!

 Here's outside the Houses of Parliament.....

 We took another picture of it because we didn't think the first one came out properly,...!!

 Here we are, just in time for the next train home!!!

 And we're off...!

 I love this view....

 And here we go for a short walk home..!

 We also got some postcards at the Expedition..... we have to work out which ones get sent to who!!

OH!!  What did we get????


Andrea also got a funky bubble bar and some more handcream from the Lush shop too.  She loves that stuff!
What a great day out....!


  1. What a grand day out in beautiful London! Nothing purchased at the art shop?? Was Andrea feeling ok?? hehe Those macaroons look super yummy; we would have to hide them or they would be eaten all at once!

  2. Great trip to London!! That one kitty postcard looks like my feline friend Spooky! Wonder if she'll remember me when I see her next. I've been gone sooooo long!

  3. What a Wonderful Trip you and Andrea had to London, Beanie!
    Daddy says his Heart Breaks when he Sees the Sights there and he Wishes he was Over There with you Two.

    My Mom is going on Vacation to Indiana (Visiting her Brother) for 3 Weeks. Dad does not Know if he Gets a Vacation this Year. He would Like to take me by Train to California because I have Never Seen the U.S.A. by Train. We have a Friend in Hawaii, but Daddy is Not Holding his Breath about Getting There this Year! ;-)

    Thaks for Showing us Around, Beanie, and we are Amazed by How Kind Andrea is in Sharing her Objets d'art with People. We are Impressed!!

  4. Oooops! Posted my thank you on the wrong post! Thank you for the lovely cat postcard!