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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Movie Review - "Trapeze"

Movie review number 10!

This movie is set in a Circus in Paris, Europe.  It stars Burt Lancaster (who really DID run away to join the circus!) as a famous trapeze artist who fell off while doing "the Triple" and hurt his leg.  He's now working as a rigger.  Tony Curtis arrives in Paris fresh off the plane from Brooklyn, New York, as a trapeze flier wanting to learn "The Triple" from Burt.  But Burt takes a bit of persuading to be Tony's "catcher".  Meanwhile, Gina Lollabrigida is trying to wheadle her way into the circus as part of an acrobatic act, but then dumps them to become part of Burt and Tony's highflying trapeze act, and THEN starts playing off Burt against Tony!!!  Oh no!!!  Tony thinks she's in love with him when she's actually in love with Burt!!  And then Tony finds out and he's really angry!!!!
But will he do "The Triple"?  And who gets the girl in the end???
NB, for anyone who's ever seen any of the British "Carry On..." movies, watch for Sid James, the snake charmer!!

Oh yeah, this is brilliant fun!!!

Beanie gives this 9 squeaks out of 10!!

Classic popcorn movie, but only if you leave the lid OFF the pan when popping!!!

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  1. We loved this movie too! But it is a little scary too. Classic popcorn is always a good choice. We always have ours with salt and butter, and accompanied by apple slices (served in a different bowl of course)--you should try it.