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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Movie Review - "Godfather Part 1"

Movie number 11!!

This movie stars Marlon Brando and an extremely young Al Pacino in it!!  Marlon plays the head of an Italian American family (the Godfather of the title) and the movie starts at his daughter's wedding.  Al Pacino brings his girlfriend to the wedding, and explains his family "business" to her but says he has no involvement with the business.  As the story progresses, various illegal activities are brought into the story, including "persuading" a movie director to give a good movie part to a not so good actor.  The director's favourite horse has its' head chopped off and put into his bed (while he's sleeping in the bed!) as a little push to make the "right decision".  Later in the movie, Marlon get shot down in the street in an assassination attempt and gets taken to hospital, supposedly with Police protection to stop another assassination attempt. Except the Police are corrupt and take bribes!!!!!  So, the rest of the family decide to put a hit on the chief of Police, and Al Pacino, who up till now has had nothing to do with "family business" agrees to shoot the Chief of Police!!  He has to then escape to Italy for A Long Time, to avoid going to prison!!!  While in Italy, he gets married to a local girl but she gets blown up in a car bomb intended for him!!!!!  OH NO!  Al Pacino then returns to America to rejoin his family, and hooks up with the girlfriend he left behind (the one he went to the opening wedding with).  Meanwhile, there's a few more family assassinations, and the girl that got married at the start of the movie, her new husband beats her up.  Marlon Brando, although surviving the assassination attempt, dies in old age of a heart attack amongst the tomato plants while playing with his grandson.

Although gory in places, this is a really good movie!!!

Beanie gives this 9 squeaks out of 10!!

Sausage rolls, hot!!


  1. Another great review Beanie! I have to say... I've never seen this movie so it was nice to have a quick summary of it. I've been watching movies on the Asia Star network - last one was 2012 - where the earth suffers extreme earthquakes, etc. Mama had her eyebrows raised the whole time muttering "not geologically accurate"! So that detracted from me enjoying the movie!

  2. Well, that's a bit annoying of your mother!!!!! Hope you're getting lots of winter entertainment ideas for when you're home!