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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Movie Review - "The China Syndrome"

Movie review number 12!

This movie stars Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda and an extremely young Michael Douglas.  Jane Fonda is a TV newsreader (news anchor) that reads silly stories about funny things that happen but wants to read "serious" news stories about politics and stuff.  Michael Douglas is an independant camera man that occasionally goes out to record news stories with Jane F doing the reporting.  Jack Lemmon is a techie type chap that works at a nuclear power plant in California, USA.  Jane and Michael get sent over to the nuclear power plant one day to record a piece about how "safe" nuclear power plants are and how they work.  While at the plant, an "incident" happens (minor earthquake) which triggers a series of problems at the power plant due to faulty machinery.  Michael records what happens on his camera without anyone noticing - then back at the TV studio, edits it all into a really good news story about how unsafe nuclear power plants are!!  HOWEVER, when the chief of the TV station sees the footage, he locks it away in his office safe saying it was recorded without permission and no-one's allowed to use it!!
Meanwhile the nuclear power people are having a Big Public Forum nearby because they want to open another power plant, the power plant have an internal enquiry about what happened and Jack Lemmon discovers the machinery was faulty....!!  Jane and Michael persuade Jack to help blow the whistle on the power plant at the Big Public Forum..... but someone's out to stop him!!!!  GASP!  Jack evades them by going to the nuclear power plant (the other guys can't get in there) and then gets Jane and Michael to come and interview him there.  The power plant owners are trying to stop that happening....... will the story come out before Jack Lemmon gets shot???
Movie Trivia - 12 days after this movie was released, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident happened, almost identical to the incident shown in the movie!

Yeah, this is a brilliant movie!!!

Beanie gives this 9.5 squeaks out of 10!!

Wobbly jelly with lemon sorbet on top!


  1. Wobbly jelly? We're not quite sure what that is...

    How about fortune cookies! Although they are kind of plain.

  2. Oh, we got it, Jack Lemon and lemon sorbet, hehehe.

  3. Wobbly jelly..... it's sort of like your jell-o but not quite. Its a sweet usually fruit flavoured gelatine pudding and wobbles like an earthquake that happened in the movie!

  4. Excellent review Beanie! Now I want to watch it to see what happens to them.

  5. Wobbly jelly sounds much more fun then Jell-o!

  6. OH!! We'll have to see about sending you some, then!!!