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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Movie Review - "The Wild Geese"

Movie review number 7!!  This one we got free with a Sunday Newspaper, so we made the DVD box cover for it!!!

This starts off in London, England with Stewart Granger's character setting up a military coup in an African country to reinstate the deposed leader there and calls in Richard Burton to arrange the kidnapping of the deposed leader from prison in exchange for lots of money.  Richard B then puts together a band of mercenaries including Richard Harris and Roger Moore and trains them up for the mission.  They get out there, and rescue the African leader ..... but meanwhile back in London, Stewart Granger meets with the African owners of some copper mines and does a sneaky deal with them for even more money and THEN double crosses the mercenaries and cancels their rescue flight out of the African country!!!!  Just as the plane is about to touch down to rescue the mercenaries, the pilot is told it's called off, and he flies away without the mercenaries!!!!!  OH NO!!!!!  Richard Burton then has to lead the group out of the country by foot and try and avoid being killed off by the local army who don't want the rescued president to get away!!  And there's a really good ending on this too, when Stewart Granger gets his come-uppance for double crossing the mercenaries!!!

Yeah, this is a really exciting movie!!  And the title song was written and sung by Joan Armatrading and it's a really good song, too!

Beanie gives this 9 squeaks out of 10!!

Oreo cookies, but only if you take them apart and lick off the cream filling. 


  1. We have not seen this movie. Thank you for the review, and esp. thank you for the recommended snacks!

    In the states, we have mint oreos, chocolate oreos, strawberry cream oreos, and peanut butter oreos; do you have those there? Our favorite are the mint oreos. We sometimes break them up and put them over a little scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  2. Another good movie to see. Thanks for the review. I'll be checking to find it, maybe on the computer.

  3. Great review Beanie! We've never heard of this movie, but it sounds like a good one - especially if it's got a 007 actor in it! Here in Vietnam they have Oreo Cakes... we're not sure if those are really Oreo Cookies or not... you never know what you will get when you order something you think is familiar!

  4. Jerry and Ben - we only have the regular chocolate oreo cookies with the white gooey bit in the middle here. You always get the good stuff where you are!!!