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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Movie Review - "The Boston Strangler"

Movie review number 8!! 

This movie is based on true events that happened in Boston, Massachussetts USA back in the 1960s.  It stars Tony Curtis as the serial killer, and Henry Fonda and George Kennedy as the chief Police staff heading the Police Unit specially set up to try and catch him!  The movie starts off with the funeral of President John Kennedy and, on a split screen set up, how one of the murders happened.  It then continues with the serial killings around the Boston area, including Cambridge (over the river where MIT and Harvard University are) and other nearby areas.  Several Police Forces are involved, and Henry Fonda is brought in to set up a Special Unit that brings together all the information from all the forces.  Sally Kellerman plays the surviving attack-ee who tries to help identify the killer.  Tony Curtis is eventually caught by Police on what looked like an attempted burglary and is committed by the judge to spend time in a psychiatric hospital, where he is bumped into by Henry Fonda and George Kennedy..... and this is where they think they might have found The Killer!!!  The rest of the movie is a fictitious reconstruction of the interviews between Fonda and Curtis which, in itself, is quite interesting....!!

This is a really good movie actually.  Even though there has been some recent discussion in the last ten years or so as to whether they incarcerated the right guy, this movie is an interesting insight into the concept of split personalities.  (Although the concept is the Hollywood version of mental health and not necessarily accurate!)

Beanie gives this 8.5 squeaks out of 10!!

Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey icecream straight out of the tub (less washing up!)


  1. Oh, we saw this film a BEARY long time ago, it was very interesting. We approve--of course--of the snack recommendation.

    There is an "old" candy in the US called Boston Baked Beans (candy); it's meant to look like the famous baked bean (vegetable) dish from Boston, but it's actually candy. It would be a nice compliment. If you Google the name you'll see what it looks like. Maybe we should send a sample to you for your next Boston movie, and, of course because it is a "beanie" candy.

  2. Excellent review Beanie! Never heard of this movie... apparently not as experienced a film buff as other little stuffies! Good choice of snack... just broke down here in Saigon and had a kit-kat chocolate bar... oh yummmy!

  3. Baked bean candy??? Wow!! You get the most amazing stuff over there, Jerry and Ben!!! I'll have to find another Boston movie in case I get a sample!!! And Alexander, there's nothing wrong with chocolate bars. Even Kit kats!!

  4. We'll see if we can find some for you. It isn't sold so often anymore, but one can find it at specialty stores.