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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Andrea's birthday!!

 Yesterday was Andrea's birthday!!  And her brother had flown in from the USA on business and was able to come down to Brighton for the day!!!  We all met up at her parents house for lunch and Champagne (posh stuff that her brother bought) and food and chocolates and presents!!  (more later!)  After lunch, Andrea went home for a snooze and then her brother rang up up saying do you fancy doing something this evening?  Well, it was very nice evening with the sun shining but we still felt tired....... so the movies was out because we'd fall asleep and we weren't hungry enough to go eat dinner yet.  So we agreed to go down Brighton Pier!!!  Brother came to get Andrea in a taxi (Andrea left me at home to guard the Chocolates - very important job you know!!) and Andrea found a new cable box!!!

 Isn't that fun!!!  Andrea and her brother then played the arcade games for AGES and AGES... the same ones that me and Alexander played!!!  Then they went and had fish and chips at Harry Ramsden's and after that had a wander through town and then stopped at ours for a Cuppa Tea.  Then brother went back to parents to sleep!!

Andrea won loads of prizes on the arcade games!!!  She came home with a strawberry keyring and two cupcakes!!!!  HAHAHAHAAAAaaa!!


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