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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Movie Review - "Jaws"

This is Movie Review number five!  This is one that we've had for ages, and decided to watch it next.

This is set on an island called Amity Island which is near Cape Cod on the East Coast of America (that's in between Boston and New York City)  It starts with a bunch of teenagers having a barbecue on the beach one summer evening and two of them decide to go off for a late night swim, except one is too drunk so doesn't go in.  The other one does, and is partially eaten by a Great White Shark!!!  Oh, this has Roy Scheider in it as the Local Police Chief, and Robert Shaw as the shark bounty hunter and a very young Richard Dreyfuss as the posh university "I know everything about sharks" chap.
Anyway, it's the height of summer season and there's loads of tourists come to the island for a little beach holiday.  And one by one, they get eaten by The Big Shark and there's a big Hoo-Haa about whether they should shut the beach or not.  Anyway, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss go off in a little boat (that turns out not to be big enough!!) shark hunting, but then get hunted down by the shark!!!  (One of the really good scenes is on the boat when Robert and Richard start comparing scars, and Robert Shaw does a narration of a big American WW2 naval disaster..... quite captivating!)
It's a REALLY SCAREY MOVIE (well, it is for a little mouse like me!!)
Yeah!!  It's rather a scarey movie, as I just said, but it's entertaining!!!
Beanie gives it 8 squeaks out of 10!!!

Shelled prawns/shrimp with 1,000 Island Dressing dip. 

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  1. Mom won't let me watch this movie. My mom says it scared her back in the day, and all she saw of the movie was through the side and rear-view mirrors of her car at the Cascade Twin drive-in, it was playing on the opposite screen. I told her that's a really old movie. Not too many drive-in movie theaters left.