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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beanie's Travelling Paint Box!!!

 You may have seen pictures of me using a little travelling paint box...... well, a couple of weeks ago, Andrea went to an art shop in town, and got five more little pots of paint to put in it!!!  She got Payne's Grey (which is actually blue), Dick Van Dyke Brown (which is Bob T Bear colour), Sepia (a grey brown colour - if you mix it with Indigo blue, you get a terrific tarmac grey colour), Caput Mortuum (a rather strange but interesting purple-y colour) and Olive Green (which isn't Olive colour.  You need to use Indigo or Prussian Blue to make a good Olive colour and they didn't) all by the Lukas brand!!!

 And now, my travelling paint box is all full up and ready to go!!!!  The Olive Green is the top row at the far right (as you look at the picture), Caput Mortuum and Sepia is the middle row on the left together, Dick Van Dyke brown is the bottom left hand side but the right hand pot of paint and the Payne's Grey which is actually blue is the bottom right hand pair but the right hand pot of paint.

 And that gold tube at the top is a travelling paint brush!!  You can pull it in half and then the brush bit can be inserted into the middle of the other bit for travelling, and then when you need to use it, you pull it apart and stick the other end in the tube so the brush bit is sticking out!!

 Those are all my colours.....

I need to go travelling now so I can paint pictures!!!!


  1. What a nice little paint box. Do you know if Payne's Grey is named after the movie Max Payne, or if Dick Van Dyke Brown is named after the US sitcom? (hehe) We think there needs to be a Beanie blue and Hammie red!!! Bob T. Bear would certainly be brown, Dilly of course would be pink, and Sandy might like green for his jacket. Since we like honey, we could be yellow or gold.

  2. Oh, those are beautiful colours! Jerry & Ben have a good suggestion too. I do hope you're going to get to go on an extended trip so you can make use of that wonderful paint box. Do you sniff any exciting destinations in the wind yet?

  3. I think Dilly might be pink with green stripes or polka dots though! And I've heard rumours of a trip to somewhere called Norfolk soon but I don't know where that is. I might need my passport.....!!