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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Oh bulls.....!!

This metal bull is standing on a shop roof in town!!  The ground floor used to be an American style grill/burger place but has recently closed down.  The whole building used to be a big Debenhams shop on our main shopping road here until the shopping mall called "Churchill Square" was redeveloped back in 1998.... Debenhams paid for a big three storey shop in the new mall but closed down this place afterwards.  It's a three storey building but only the ground floor street level shops are open to the public now.  One is a big middle eastern grocery style shop called "Taj" which has got loads of wonderful and rather exotic foods to buy and is doing well.  There's a Martletts charity shop, and a now closed down Blockbusters shop, and the closed down restaurant on the other corner.


  1. We think a big metal sculpture of Beanie would look even better!

  2. Yes, a giant Beanie Mouse!

    We lost our Blockbuster too! Mom just found
    the old Blockbuster cards in a drawer she was cleaning out.