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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Beanie and The Big French Storm, Day Three.

 When we got up on Tuesday morning, we looked out of the window.  Oh - My - Fart!!!!  Where did all that snow come from??!?!?!

 There's LOADS of it!!!!!

 We went down to breakfast (they gave us TWO Panno Shoko Lah!!!  They must know I like it!!)  They had the French news on telly in the breakfast room.... apparently, there had been a huge storm over France last night, all the Eurostar trains had been cancelled - in fact, ALL TRAINS altogether had been cancelled, even the regular trains!! - both airports in Paris were shut down, all the main interstate highway roads were closed with many accidents on them overnight, and parts of France were without electricity!!!!!  And they weren't going to get the electricity power back for 15 days!!!!!
What are we going to do?????  Are we stranded again???

 Andrea said not to worry, we're booked at the hotel tonight anyway, so let's go out and see what's happening in Lille town centre.  This is the Grand Place square...... people were out and about now which meant that the snow was already getting a bit slushy and slippy.

 We found the Blue Cat chocolate shop..... which was shut because the staff couldn't get in!!

 Coo..... it certainly looks pretty, but we still had that blustery cold wind.  Andrea said the news people said the cold wind made it feel like minus 5 C!!

 We had a look on the map for the Post Office and went to where it was - but even that was closed because staff couldn't get in!!!  We can't even post our postcards to our friends!!!!!  Andrea said we'll just have to post them when we get home to England then...... so then we went for coffee to warm up a bit.

 Then we went to the Meert shop to see if they were open.......

 They were!!!!  YAY!!!  So we went in and bought a box of goodies to take home!!

Then we went down the road to see if we could find any shops at all that were open.....

 We found La Droguerie shop which is full of buttons and fancy trimmings, but they were shut because of the weather too.  Everywhere was closed!!!  Well, we knew one place that was open......

 So we went back to Meert again for coffee and cake!!!

 And we had chocolate too!!!

 It was still the morning but it was freezing cold outside, all the shops were shut, and the metro/subway system was closed down too.  The snow was getting very slushy and slippery by now, so we decided it would be a good idea to go back to the hotel and stay warm and paint some pictures.  So we did!!!
We saw some more TV news all in French, and there was even people stuck on trains at Rouen overnight (that's in between Paris and the Channel) that were handed out blankets to keep warm and fed croissants and coffee in the morning!  Even the Paris Metro system was closed!  Gosh.....

 At lunch time we got hungry, so we went out again to where we'd had our first coffee in the morning.  We noticed they had boards out with food menu written on them, and one of them was that mool ma-rinni-air thing I saw in the phrase book yesterday

 OH!!!!!  It's marinated mussels in a white wine sauce!!!!!

 And proper crispy cooked chips too!!!!  OH YUMMY!!!!!!  This is the best lunch I think I've ever had!!  Oh, I'm glad we came here now, this is FAB!!
(the whole thing in French is Mool Mah-rinni-air oh van plonk ay Fritz)

This is where we had lunch...... Oh, I hope we come back here again when it's not snowing!!!
It was getting colder outside and everywhere was still shut, so we went back to the hotel because there was nothing else we could do.  (besides stay out and slip over and get hurt!)  Eurostar was still closed today and looked like it may be closed tomorrow too.  Andrea was getting rather worried and stressed out by the afternoon so we rang her Dad to see if he could find out anything on his computer.  He rang back later on and said that the first two Eurostar trains the next morning were cancelled but may be working from lunchtime onwards, with delays of up to an hour.  So we decided to go downstairs to reception and order a taxi to the Eurostar station for the next day anyway.  Andrea said she didn't think we had it quite so bad in Lille as they had it in Paris so we may be OK to get home.  We also heard on the news that the windchill factor would take the temperature down to minus 10 C that night!!!!  THAT'S COLD!!!

Later that evening, we went over to the ElephanThai restaurant for dinner again.  It was way too slippery to go any further and Andrea didn't have her clompy stompy boots with her..... we didn't know it would be this bad!!!!!

This time, we had a Shrimpy fried noodley dish for dinner that was rather yummy!!!  We couldn't eat it all though, Andrea's tummy ties itself up in knots when she gets stressed out, so she couldn't eat much...... but I tried to eat more for her!!!

And then it was time for bed.  I hope we get home tomorrow.......
......TO BE CONTINUED......


  1. Holy mackeral!! We heard about that winter storm and thought only Hammie & Sullivan would have got the brunt of it. Didn't know you were going to be in France too. What a great time to be there for adventure! And yummy chips and chocolate always make things go better too. At least you had a warm place to sleep! Can't wait to read the rest of your adventure!

  2. What an exciting adventure!
    I wish we had so many snow here, but almost everytime it snowed in the Netherlands this winter it passed Groningen by :-(

  3. Wow, that sure looked like a lot of snow! I'm glad you had a nice warm hotel and that you were able to find plenty of chocolate. I would hate to think one could be on such an adventure and miss out on the best vegetable ever ;) (the cocoa bean)