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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Beanie And The Big French Storm, Day One!

 Last Sunday, Andrea told me to start packing because we're going on Another Big Adventure!!!

 How exciting!!  OK, all done and ready to go!!

 And then it was a short walk up the road......

 Just in time for the next train to London!!!

 We got a window seat too!!  It was very busy on the train too.

 But they all got off at Clapham Junction, the stop before ours.  We left a weathergram on the table too!!

 And here we go across the Thames!!

 Andrea needed to take a pee, so while she was doing that, I left another weathergram on the door, and a tag that Fleur sent us from America!!!

 Then it was off to get a bus!!  There's a number 73 waiting for us!!  They knew we were coming!!

And we tied another weathergram to the seat in front!!  HAHA!!!

 And here we are going up Oxford Street.  It's really busy down here.....

 And we got off outside the British Library again!!

 We're staying here again tonight!!

 We got a room on the first floor this time, and a bottom bunk too!!  It was a four bunk room and we had a French lady, a Chinese lady and a South African lady as room mates!!  That's REALLY international!

 There's our view.....

 After we'd dumped our bags, we had a little stroll.  Andrea said she had to Check Something Out first....

 And after she did that, we went in here!!!

 This is a funny seat you know..... it has a ball and chain on it so nobody can nick it.

 And it looks like an open book!!!!!

We went to see an exhibition of paintings from India..... all about the Mughal emperors!!!  One of the Forts they lived in was in a place called Ranthampore which is now deserted, and is part of a Tiger Reserve to protect tigers!!!!  How brilliant is that!!!
Anyway, we got a book there for Andrea's Mum's birthday which is next week.

By now, we were super hungry so we went over the road for lunch.  Fizzy drink......

And a pepperoni pizza!!!  YUMMMMMM....!!

Then we had a bit of a wander round and found another drain cover.  Don't think I've got this in my collection......

We saw a sticker with a funny animal on it!!  (NOT ME!!!!!   THE STICKER!!!!)

We tied another of Fleur's tags to a park railing too!!

OH!!  This is a no-poo zone!!!  They have no-poo zones in London!!!!

Saw some pretty flowers too.....

And then we were knackered so we went to bed!!  The adventure continues ........!!!


  1. You mean there's more to this adventure?? Cool!!! That was quite a bit for a day in London. Love those green sheets at the hostels!

  2. I love to read your adventures, Beanie!