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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cable Boxes and Grafitti (and a piggie!!)

We found loads more graffitti'd cable boxes recently!!!  First of all, this new kitty one.....

And we also saw a stencilled teapot on a wall!!!

Then a new Christmassy one....

And a new cassette one......

And a new blue Meanie one....!

But he might be a yeti, I'm not sure.....

In a shop we saw a piggie for sale but the shop was closed.....

And finally saw a stencilled Crow!!!


  1. We like that box with the guy with the hat and scarf! We think Sullivan would love to see that pig in the store window!

  2. Hallo! I think cayble box art is terryfik! Do BT mind? Do they leev them or ar they spolye sports an wash it off?

    I like the hedder too. Yu ar very good at painting. I like to see pages from Beanie's book.

    BTW can yu arsk Tango if he is up for frolics for Pant-Cape Tchewsday?


    Bob TB

  3. Wowsers... love the kitty one! That blue one with white hair almost looks like Papa Smurf!