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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


This is another photo I've been trying to get Andrea to post for months and months and months!!!  it's of our mate Bobbin in his favourite bush waiting for us to put suet out for him!!!

And there's a close up!!!  He sits right in the middle watching carefully so he doesn't get hit by the Kamikazi Sparrows!!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Beanie's Reckie Mission to London!!!

 Yesterday, we'd planned to meet up with Bob and Dilly in London, but Bob had eaten a whole jar of honey on his own and was feeling a bit squiffy.  So me and Andrea decided to to a special Reckie Mission just for Bob, so he knows what to expect when we meet up when he's better.  So off we went to the train station...

 Here we are, just in time for the 11.21 train.  It was still snowing here and p*ss cold too.  I'm glad I wore my scarf!!

 And we're off!  We eventually got a window seat too!  They're the best!

 I remembered to tie one of my cards to the table too!!!

 And here we are going over the River Thames!!

 Aha, here we are now!!  Which bus do we need??

 The number 11.... and we're off past Leon's shop.  Who's Leon?

 We got off at Aldwych and crossed the road to here, Somerset House!!

We'd come to check out the Picasso exhibition..... it's on until the 26th of May so me and Bob have plenty of time to reschedule our spy mission!  Excellent!!

We got our ticket, which was time stamped for 14:00 hours.  That meant that we could look round everything else in the museum during the 45 minutes we had spare, but we couldn't go in the Picasso exhibition until EXACTLY 14:00 hours!!!  We checked with the people guarding the two exhibition rooms and saw other people with 14:00 tickets go up and smile sweetly but the guards said bugger off, you're not allowed in until 14:00 hours.  Anyway, we saw this picture of some irises.....

 And this was a Picasso painting but it wasn't in the specially guarded exhibition rooms!!  HAH!!

 Later on, we looked out into the courtyard and saw there was a London Fashion Weekend show on.  That was all specially guarded too.

 Some of the other rooms had very posh ceilings.  Turns out those are photographic copies - the lazy bastards couldn't be bothered to even paint that.  That's cheating.

 Then we went down to the basement to take a pee.  I left another card on the door!!!

 We checked the little cafe there too.  There was an inside "Wait here to be seated" area that was completely packed like a sardine tin, and this is the outside bit.  Except it was so piss cold, nobody was sitting outside!!!
Seems getting here early is a good idea...

This is the lunch menu that we saw in the lift.

And THEN we spotted the CAKES!!!!!  WOWEEE!!!!  There's carrot cake which is Bob's absolutestly most favourite cake in the universe AND they have scones with proper Cornish clotted cream!!!!
Oh, I hope Bob gets better soon....!

Then we came out to pop into the gift shop on the other side of the archway.  That's the courtyard bit with the silly clothing show.

Then we spotted the entrance to the art gallery...... the queue was out of the door and nearly down to the street!!!  Wow, I'm glad we got here before lunch, then!!  We'd be waiting ages and ages otherwise, and you can't get advanced tickets either!  We'll have to tell Bob to try and get an earlier train then...

Then we decided to go and get a late lunch somewhere.  There was a Pizza Express a few doors but but we decided to get the bus back and eat somewhere else.

We got the number 11 again and sat at the top!!!  I remembered to tie another card to the rails!!

Here we are, going past Trafalgar Square....

And there's Big Ben!!!

And Westminster Abbey!  That's where Wills and Kate got married!

We got off the bus near here.....

And we had a fizzy drink......
And then we had a Horse-beef cheesey bacon burger and undercooked chips (fries).  They really should shoot the chef here, the chips were crap.

Then we decided to get the train home.

We got another window seat and I tied another card to the seat in front!

Here we're going back over the Thames again.....

And a short walk home...!

Andrea showed me the book of the exhibition we saw.  It was quite a good one - some of the portraits were a bit weird but some of them were quite nice.

We also got some postcards to send people.  I know which one Bob's getting!!!

Andrea also got a Neon coloured bubble bar from the Lush shop at Victoria station!!!  Wow!!  
That was quite a good Special Reckie Mission!!

Friday, 22 February 2013


 I've been wanting to post these since JANUARY when we had the snow, but could I get Andrea to do it???  NO!!!!  Honestly..... you can't get the staff these days!!

anyway, it's two snowmen I saw on the way to work after we had all the snow!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Christmas Ornaments....

Yeah, OK, so I'm a few months late with this one!!!  These are two Christmas Tree ornaments that I was given by Lesa in Florida some years ago.  I mentioned them to her a while back and she'd forgotten all about them so I said I'd post pictures.
They're rather sumptuous but seriously Fabooley!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cable Boxes and Grafitti (and a piggie!!)

We found loads more graffitti'd cable boxes recently!!!  First of all, this new kitty one.....

And we also saw a stencilled teapot on a wall!!!

Then a new Christmassy one....

And a new cassette one......

And a new blue Meanie one....!

But he might be a yeti, I'm not sure.....

In a shop we saw a piggie for sale but the shop was closed.....

And finally saw a stencilled Crow!!!