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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Sketchbook Project 2013 Tour

Their website has the following dates and places scheduled for the Sketchbook tour.

March 2 - 10            Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NYC
March 15 - 17           SXSW Co-Lab Project Space, Austin TX
March 22 - 24           Mass Collective, Atlanta GA
June 7 - 9                Gladstone Hotel, Toronto Canada
July 12 - 14              Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago IL
July 19 - 21              Ace Hotel, Portland OR
July 26 - 28              San Francisco CA
August 2 - 4             iam8bit, Los Angeles CA

So if any of you guys are in the area and would like to see the official Beanie Mouse sketchbook, then get down to the nearest venue on the date!!! 

Further info can be found on their website CLICK HERE!

Monday, 28 January 2013

My sketchbook arrived!!!!

It arrived!!!  It arrived!!!

I got an email from the Sketchbook Project and it's arrived and catalogged!!!!!!!!   I have no idea if that's the right spelling but it's arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEEEEEE!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Just finished a new painting too!!!

Boulevard de Clichy in Paris with the Sacre Coeur in the distance, on that fancy watercolour paper that Bob and Dilly got us for Andrea's birthday last year!!!  We love that paper...!!!

Cyberstrology Year of The Mouse 2013

Personality of The Mouse
Mouses are inquisitive curious animals that enjoy travelling. They are very good at finding lost items on the floor and recycling them into new objects that can then be re-used. In fact, the Mouse invented The Green Movement currently in use amongst humans. Mouse has a healthy disrespect for authority and are known to have a wonderful sense of humour. They get on very well with everybody.
Mouses are interesting in finding things, making things out of found things, losing them for other people to find, eating cheese and chocolate (not necessarily at the same time), investigating new places and travelling around.  And bellydancing sometimes!

Famous Mice.
The Three Blind Mice
Jerry (friends with Tom, the cat)
Mighty Mouse
Speedy Gonzalez

The Patron Saint of the Mouse is St Anthony of Padua.  He's the patron saint of lost things, seekers of lost things, little animals, travellers and the postal system!!! His information is here -

 I have also created a special Mouse Treasury on

If I've missed anything out, let me know!!!

We got SNOW!!!

Last Tuesday, when Andrea went to work, there was a slight dusting of snow on the cars.

But then TODAY we got a proper dumping of the stuff!!!  Andrea had taken the day off work specially because she knew it was coming, so we all sat and watch it!!  We kept putting suet out for Brian Blackbird and Bobbin.  They came and ate lots of times!!

It might ice over tonight though....

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Well, Moo on the Sketchbook project!

As you know, I spent a lot of time doodling in a sketchbook for the Sketchbook project 2013.  Posted in on 27th December "to be signed for", nearly 3 weeks before their deadline, paying extra to be sure they'd receive it.

Yesterday, I get the book back, rejected, unopened, returned, no explanation at all.  Beanie's family isn't worthy.  So it seems.

I have emailed them asking why they did that and, if I were to re-post, would they accept it into the 2013 project since it was originally mailed well before the deadline and it was THEM that refused to accept it.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Updated cable box collection!

 Well, first post of 2013, and it's the updated grafitti'd cable box collection!  The first three were from my last walk around town in December....... and I've spotted some more new ones since!!

 This is the side shot of the Christmas tree below......

We found another three grafitti'd cable boxes recently - two more badgers (they used to be the Blue Meanies posted lower down) and another cassette lord!

We spotted five more grafitti'd cable boxes recently, so have now made a point of photographing them!!
We start with a Blue Meanie.

These are special buses called "The Big Lemon" that run out to the University.  They work on cooking oil instead of petrol!!!

Another Blue Meanie.... They painted this over the Dino Rox Box.  George is Very Upset.

This one's the newest, I think.  It's a Lemur!!

Here are some more cable box thingies that I found in the last couple of months that have been decorated!
at the time of posting (4th Sept 2012) I've spotted another three new ones that I need to go photograph!!

This badger and monkey are next to each other!!

That's the last of the current "new batch"!!

We found the above and the badger back in May 2012. 
The ones after the badger was the start of the collection!!!

 While we've been walking around over the last couple of weeks, we've spotted some decorated electric/telephone cable boxes!!!!!  So we've started a new photo collection!!

 This one has a portrait on it!!!

 And this one is a snowman!!!!!  And he doesn't melt in the sun either!!!

 The side had a happy christmas message on it!!


 I think this one's my favourite!!!  We see this one from the bus when we go to work!!!
I think they made this one specially for George and Dilly!!!

 Numbers, as well....

And a scarey monster too!!

Found in Poole Valley, Brighton in February 2011

This lady was found in near Churchill Square on July 22nd 2012

 This is a new grafitti box that I walk past on the way to work!!!  Found in Brighton in April 2012

And this one, after the Dino Rox Box, is my favourite!!