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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We went for a walk....!

A couple of weekends ago when it wasn't raining, me and Andrea went out for a walk.  We saw some new graffiti'd cable boxes!!  This one is about an orchestra that makes their instruments out of lost and found stuff!!!  Isn't that brilliant?!!!

This one's a Christmas one (it used to be one of the blue meanie boxes)

and that's the side of the Christmas box.

Then we saw a funny picture on the floor!!!

We ended up outside the Royal Pavilion again and noticed they had a special Pagoda expedition!!!  Andrea said we could get in free with out National Art Pass so we went in!!  We're not allowed to take photos in there, but it's AMAZING!!!  There's lots of dragons in it (George and Dilly would love it in here!!) and one of the pagodas we saw in the music room is a carousel one with horses that go round to music!!  Just like those big carousels that people can ride on!!  It's hysterical!!

I'm so pleased we went in there!!
They even have a tea room in there and Andrea says we can go back again and have a posh tea!!


  1. the picture on the floor looks really cool.

  2. Happy Christmas Beanie and Andrea!

  3. Merry Christmas, Beanie– and Dear, Sweet, Andrea!