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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas!!!  Ours has been a little "different" this year - Andrea got a snotty coughy cold thing on Monday and came home early as she decided to "call in sick" for the afternoon.  We all then spent the last two days in our jimjams drinking hot chocolate and eating hot croissants..... but all the presents were round at Andrea's parents house!!!!!  We had nothing under the tree besides chocolate coins and Christmas (pulling) crackers!!!!!  (Santa couldn't deliver any either, because his house got flooded and his reindeer don't have water ski's.)

But we still had lots of fun though..... Andrea took lots of pictures but forgot to bring the camera and cables to the internet cafe today, so we can't post them!  We did lots of painting and glueing and making-of-stuff!  We'll tell you all about it soon!  Oh, and we fed tons of suet to the sparrohs, and Bobbin and Brian Blackbird too!

Happy Christmas!

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  1. Happy Christmas! Hope Andrea feels better; we suggest lots of hot tea and hot chocolate, and an extra dose of Christmas cookies!