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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Lights!!

Last week, Andrea took me into work, and when she finished for the day, we went for a little walk!

This is the Royal Pavilion all lit up in pretty lights!!!  They have an ice rink in the front for people to skate on!

Pink and Blue...... Bob and Dilly would both like that!!!  (for a change!)

They have some interesting shaped buildings near here too.....

That's the front door to Brighton Museum!

And the Pavilion main entrance....

We heard someone playing the recorder in the little park and it was so pretty!!!  He was "Busker" so we put some money in his cap..... and he said thank you!!
I've never heard the recorder being played before and it was really nice!!

Then we walked to the main road to get the bus home and saw some more Christmas Lights!

Oh wow!!!

And more on the buildings!!!

Then when we got off the bus near home, we saw these in a shop window!


  1. Beautiful lights Beanie!! The Royal Pavilion is where we met when I came to Brighton. It looks beary beautiful at night, all lit up!

  2. What beautiful lights Beanie! Thanks for sharing those great photos.

  3. yeah! Christmasfeeling at your town too!