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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Beanie's Family Sketchbook!!!

We're doing a book for The Sketchbook Project 2013!!!
Information about this can be found HERE!

And it's MY book!!!!  I get to draw in it!!

Right, well first of all, my coat of paws is going on the front!!!!

It's MY book!!!

And that's where I came from!!

We're putting in my family - this is Uncle Green Beanie..... he shovels shit for the veggies!!!

That's Auntie Baked Beanie - she runs the tanning salon.

And that's Grandpa Runner Beanie, the sports coach.  He won the 100 yard sprint in the 1936 Olympics.

And that's Great Uncle Kidney Beanie, the pee doctor.  He keeps all the samples in his cabinet - vintage goes in the Martini glasses on one side and regular goes in the fish tank on the other side.

This is Granny Broad Beanie.  Don't tell anyone, but rumour has it she used to run a brothel!!!
I'll show you the rest later!!


  1. That is a very nice sketchbook!! What is going to happen with it? Is it a competition?

  2. What great book! The sketches are so beary nice!

  3. Excellent book! You have quite the family tree... can't wait to meet Lima Beanie and others!

  4. @Hammie - I've put the website link in for the Sketchbook project (or you can google it!)

    I'll post more pictures soon!

  5. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! We Loved Seeing your Family Members, Beanie! Are you the Youngest Bean Sprout on the Family Bush? You ARE the Most-Talented and most Widely-Known Family Member! :o)

  6. I got one of these, too, but haven't gotten very far along in mine. I'm spending too much time thinking about it! I've added some stick on letters to each page so far. Maybe I'll spend time on it today. Thanks for the bit of a shove.