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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Beanie's Christmas!!

Well, here's the pictures from our Christmas!!!  When Andrea got up, and poured her coffee, we all sat in our jimjams and started painting!!  We made some ATCs-on-a-postcard.

This is my paintbox!!!

then we helped Andrea do some more of her new Paris painting!!!  It's on that posh paper that Bob's Mum got her for her birthday!!!  (Andrea loves that paper!)

It was miserable weather on Christmas Day.  All wet and horrid.  We were glad to stay indoors in the warm!!

Later on, we had Hot Croissants for breakfast!  We love those!

Then we all pulled some crackers!!

The first prize went to George!!  It's a pink smiley love heart which he wants to send to Dilly!!

The next one was a fortune telling red fish!!  Andrea had that - it said she was independant.

Tango got a fuzzy orange elastic hair tie!!!

And I got a front door key!!!

then we decided to use the paper hats to make some cards with!  that was fun!

We got loads of prizes in the crackers......

Including some more glass marbles for my collection!!!  Wow!  how did Santa know I collect marbles?

We also use the red ribbon off the crackers to make some "Smile, you're wonderful" cards too.  We'll tie those outside when the weather's nicer.
What did you do for Christmas?


  1. That looks like a cozy Christmas, snuggled in your jammies with all your friends. We had some snow (yay!!) so I got to play outside and made a snow fort and snowballs... oh and a snowman! Read a book, watched a movie and ate turkey and pumpkin pie.

  2. I'm sorry you all were sick for Christmas. But it looks like you made the most of it.