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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thanking List 2012

In America, it's a thing called Thanksgiving.  So I'm going to write my own list of things to say thanks about!

1.  Andrea still has a job that gets her enough money to have somewhere to live, something to eat, something to wear, and a bit left over to play with!!!

2.  Andrea lets me sleep on her bed when it's cold and windy outside.

3.  I have lots of bloggie friends like Bob T Bear and Hammie and Sullivan and Sir Woodstock and loads of others!!

4,  I met Alexander Mackenzie this year!!!

5  I go out and see places and find stuff.

6.  I make things with stuff i find and leave them for other people to find!!

7.  Sometimes when people find my stuff, they tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  I get taken on holiday!!!

9 my friends write to me a lot!!

10.  I'm just a Very Lucky Mouse!!


  1. What a great list Beanie! We're very thankful too for many reasons, some of the same reasons you wrote on your list match our reasons!!! Your pals, Jerry and Ben

  2. Wonderful list Beanie! Thankful for you too!

  3. Good on you, Beanie! That's a great list :)