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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Remembering Saturday....

On 3rd November, we went for a walk along the seafront.  Sir Woodstock's owner had asked us to tie a couple of weathergrams to the seafront railings in memory of her Mum and doggie Hero, whose ashes had been scattered off this beach some years ago.
We tied on Weathergram 461A and 464

It was a very blowy day that day, even though the sun was out!!

Very blowy.

Very VERY blowy!!!

Then, I jumped up and down on Andrea's foot because I'd spotted this stone!!  It had a hole in it with sparkly quartzy crystally bits that sparkled in the sun!!!
I said we can post this to Sir Woodstock!
So we did!!!
It's a fuzzy picture but it was a pretty stone!


  1. Cool! Hope you tied those weathergrams nice and tight... That beach has tonnes of cool rocks!

  2. Just posted my post on this, using your photo's. Iknow I've said before else where but many thanks for the weathergrams, sending the heart stone & photo's.
    Love & grateful hugs