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Thursday, 11 October 2012

We found books!!!

On our way home yesterday, we saw a big plastic box on the pavement (sidewalk) full to brimming with paperback books and a sign on it saying "Free books, help yourself".

We had a good rummage and picked out TEN BOOKS - most of them were Agatha Christie mystery books!!  We've registered them on Bookcrossing - our bookshelf is all the way at the bottom of this screenpage if you want to scroll down and look - but anyways, if there's any there that are marked as "AVL" which means "Available" then please say.  We can mail them out!!!

AND we sold a tube of hand made oil paint and a sheet of wrapping paper off my etsy shop, too!!!  Yippee!!


  1. Free books?! Aren't you lucky! By the way - love your new pic at the top of the blog - is that St. Paul's? Very neat!

  2. If you ever come across a box labeled "Free Honey", we'd be beary interested!

  3. It's always a joy if you get a book for free.

  4. Yes, that's St Paul's cathedral! The photo was taken at the other side of the Millenium Bridge (the one that wobbled!) that goes from St Paul's to the Tate Modern!

    I've never seen Free Honey, but I'll let you know if I do!!

    And we got TEN books for free!!!