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Monday, 22 October 2012

Beanie's BIrthday Weekend, Day One!

Last Saturday, Andrea said we're all going on A Big Trip!!!
So we all helped with the packing!

All done!  Let's goooo!!!!!

And we're off up the road.....

To the train station!  Excellent!

We tied one of my weathergrams to the seat!!!

Oh wow, that's pretty!!

And then, when we got to London, all the bus lanes were taped off!!!
We asked a Nice Bus Company Chap, and he said that we needed to get the 24 bus from down the road and then change at Tottenham Court Road.

We waited for ages and ages and ages and only one Number 24 bus came and it was packed to sardines and we couldn't get on!!!
Then, a Number 11 came along and Andrea said let's get this one instead.  I know how to get to where we're doing with the Number 11!!!

But even the Number 11 bus got diverted over the river!!!  We found out later that there was a Big Demonstration at Trafalgar Square about the financial cuts and another Big Sit-in (hey!!  They should've entered the Synchronised sitting contest!!!) in Pall Mall too!!!  All the whole of Central London was crazy mad for traffic!!!!!

Anyway, after a while, we got up to where the Royal Courts of Justice is (behind me in the photie!) and the bus was on the normal route by then.  Even I know where we are NOW!!!!

We also got a seat too, and I tied another Weathergram to the seat in front!!!

We finally got off at the last stop, here!  We then had to go down the road and round the corner.....

To here to get the Number 205 bus!!!  We've never used this one before but Andrea said we need it tomorrow anyway, so it'll be useful to see what the route is that it takes.

And I tied on another Weathergram to the seat in front!!!

Then we ended up here at Kings Cross, which is where we got off.

And then we walked past this funny building!!!

And ended up here, 2 and a half HOURS after arriving in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got a room on the fourth floor and a top bunk.  Andrea doesn't like those so much because they're difficult to climb into.

We were all hungry by now, so we went out for dinner.  We lost a CD on a railing on the way!!!

And went to Pizza Express.  We had a fizzy drink....

And a pepperoni pizza!!  Yum!!!

Then it was back to the hostel.  That's the door to the elly vator!!!

We're whooped.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEANIE!!!! Your'e the bestest mouse ever!!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Beanie!! Sounds like you are getting a massive adventure! Why doesn't Andrea take the Tube instead?? Guess there's not much to see underground, eh?