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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Beanie Went to the Tate Britain!!!

Yesterday, me and Andrea had a day off work and we went somewhere fab!!!

First of all, we went up to the train station and got on a train to London!!!
It was busy but we found Andrea's friend Emma on the same train.  She's coming with us!!
How fun!!!

When we got off the train, we went out the side entrance and got the C10 bus.  We had to wait a while though, but that was OK!!

Oh here we go!!  We're off!!!

Andrea got out a weathergram to tie onto the seat in front but Emma started squealing so we let her tie it on!!!  She did a good job too!!!
 Then we discovered the C10 bus was on a Detour and didn't stop at the stop we needed.  So we got off on a different stop and walked a little bit..... We saw that sculpture thing and Emma said that the building behind it is where MI6 is and that's where James Bond learnt to be a spy!!!
Bob T Bear's a spy.  Wonder if he went there too?  Wonder if he knows Q and Miss Moneypenny??

Anyway, then we came here which is the Tate Britain building!!!

First of all, we stopped for coffee and chocolate cake.  That's very important you know.

Then we went for a pee and I tied another weathergram to the door!!!  hahahaahaaaa!!

Then we had to walk up this staircase!  Isn't it fab!!!

Lots of different colours!!

Oh!!  We're going in here!!!

This was quite a fun expedition really..... we had a go at drawing one of Turner's sketches.  Emma's looked a little Japanesey....

And Andreas's just looked like a messy scribble but all her sketches look like that!!!

After that, we had a wander round the museum looking at Turner's paintings and some of Constables paintings.  They were fun to look at!!  Then we came down the fancy staircase again.

After looking in the giftshop, we decided it was time for lunch at the station.  But we had to figure out where to get the bus back!!
Nope, it's not down here....

Then we walked along the river for a bit.

Oh!!  That brown building is part of the Houses of Parliament where all the bastards idiots run the country from!

Ah!  This bus goes to victoria!!  Let's get this one!!!

Andrea took a wobbly picture on the bus!!!

We were all really hungry by now, so we stopped for a late lunch.

Andrea got a fizzy drink.....

And a super huge burger with chips!!

Then it was time to go home!!  What a fun day out!!

I tied another weathergram on the train!!  Hahahaa!!

And here we are walking home from the station..... it just started to rain by now, so I think we got home just at the right time!!!

Andrea showed me her shopping later!  She got some snazzy art papers and some postcard!

And also a pink bubble bar from the Lush shop!  It's smelly!!!


  1. What a great adventure - detours and everything! Did you try your hand at sketching too??

  2. We went to the Tate once too, it was beary fun! Coffee and chocolate cakes ARE beary important, we agree with you Beanie! We saw a ladybug outline in your sketchbook...we know one blog pal who would LOVE that!

  3. What a great day out you had.
    Woodstock likes cake too so he's looking forward to sharing chatter over a slice soon :)

  4. Love the photo adventure sharing weathergrams and such along the way.

  5. OH!! Yes, we made some ladybug wrapping paper a few weeks ago and we already sent some to Hammie!! We're trying to sell it on the etsy shop.
    And tell Woodstock that Bob and me always stop for cake when we meet up!!

  6. Nice trip! Looks like you had a fine trip, even though the bus took a detour, which, of course, gave you the chance to see something interesting.