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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Beanie and the Gang went to London!!

Yesterday, Andrea said we were all going on a day out!!  How exciting!!

Tango and George had a ride in Andrea's backpack while I helped take the photos.
Wonder where we're going?

Oh!  Train Station!!  Excellent!!

We're in London again!!  Wonder what we'll do...

First of all we used the toilets for a wee.  I lost a CD on the back of the door!!!!

After we got a present for Dilly at the Lush shop (more later!!) we went to the C10 bus stop again!

And we're off! Wonder if it's still on Diversion??

I tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!  We didn't do the Diversion this time.....

And we got off here, the last stop which is Canada Water!
Hang on, we came near here for the Manga show in May!!

We had a snoop round and found the Canada Water Library!!  Andrea says we're meeting someone and then coming back here for an Expedition!!!  How fun!!

Then a few minutes later, Sam showed up!!!!!

He lives with Bob and Dilly!!!!!

We'd come here to see the Sketchbook Project World Tour 2012!  Bob and Dilly's Mum had done a sketch book (the one with the boat on it!) and it's now in a special Sketchbook Expedition!!!

We looked at some other sketchbooks too!  this one looks like a relative!
Andrea says he's called Racoon.

He was drawn by
We'll have to pop in there later and say hello!

Helena made me a badge!!  We didn't do a sketchbook this year but I think we'll do one for next year!

This one was really pretty....

We'll go visit them too!

Then we were all hungry and tried to find somewhere to eat.  First we walked over to the shopping mall for a look round.  They had a "Food Court" but that consisted of an upstairs Burger King which was full of screaming noisy kids so we didn't want to stay there.  It had a Very Scary Downhill Escalator too and Helena had to help Andrea go down it!!!  Then we came back to the Canda Water library cafe and had lunch there instead.

But first George gave Dilly the present we bought!
It was a Special Pink Bath Bomb with confetti in it and smelt yummy!!

We had lasagna for lunch because that's all that was left.
That was all that was left because the pasta part was radioactive yellow and very thick and it didn't taste very good.  Both Andrea and Helena left half of it each because they didn't like it much - and that's saying a lot because Andrea usually stuffs her face and Helena usually licks the plate clean.

Then George got a present from Dilly.  It was a pink and white beaded croco-wagon!!!

Isn't it fab!!!

We used the toilets again for a wee - and Tango left a CD on the toilet door!!
YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  Hahahahaaaa!

Then we got another bus to go somewhere else.
Bob and Tango had a good look out the window...

And so did Beanie and Dilly!!

We also had a ride in Helena's bag!!

We went to the Brunel Museum and rode the silver train!!!

George and Dilly sat together.
And Sam sat at the back.


Oh that was fun!!  Then Bob gave Tango a present - a choccie Topic bar!!  Tango's Favourite!!

We went into the Brunel Museum and Bob and Tango watched a film about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
He was good at burrowing making tunnels.

Then we went into the little cafe and found a Sam-sized train to play in!

THEN we had MORE CAKE!!!  YUM!
We had the chocolate one.

And Bob had the coffee one.

Then Bob and Sam played on the train.

Then it was time to go home.
We took Helena back to Canada Water and all had a big hug goodbye.
We had so much fun today!!  We like seeing Helena and Bob and Dilly - and even Sam too!!!

Then we got on the C10 bus back to Victoria station - and tied another weathergram to the seat in front!!

That's the Shard building...

And the Houses of Idiots and Big Ben.

And we got off here....

And there was a train waiting for us at the platform!!
It was really busy and got dark very quickly so we didn't take any pictures....

Until we walked home the other end....
What a lovely day out


  1. Wow, you got to see Dilly and Bob and Sam again! You are only lucky Mouse! We love the train photos, so cute!

  2. I was crying over Mr Scooter again, and you made me laugh! It's true- the tears were still on my face, but I was laughing -"then Sam turned up" LOL!!!!!

    I'll try to nudge Bob towards a blog post sometimes soon. We went for a walk in the woods today and took pic's then, too. WEIRD- lots of golden leaves on the ground, but trees still green.

    Thank you for a great day !!!!

  3. We made you laugh???!! Oh I'm so pleased!!! We love cheering people up!!!

  4. Hi!!
    Thanks for seeing my sketchbook and for taking a picture of my skunk! :)
    Hope you had a great time in London.
    Ah! And thanks for the link to my blog.
    Best wishes,


  5. Hey!! CD 107 that Tango lost in the toilet got found!! HOW EXCITING!!!

  6. What a top day you guys had!

  7. Brilliant adventure! That was quite the pack of you rambling around London!