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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Beanie Went to Chichester!! (another intermission!)

Yesterday, Andrea said we were going out!!!

I found these pretty blue flowers on the way.... but I didn't grow them so I can't enter them in the gardening contest.   :o(

Oh!!  We're at the Train Station!!!!

And we're off!!!

Chichester?  I've not been here before!!  Wonder what there is to see...

Retro sweetie shop!  How fun!!  (those are called "Candy" in America!)

We found some elephants too!!

And a Hippo!!

We also saw some gargoyles too!!

Cathedral Festivities?  Where's the Cathedral?!

OH!!  What's this then....?

Oh wow!  That's pretty!!!

What lovely old buildings!  They're all made with flint stones!!


I tied one of my tags onto the door handle!!


Oh!  Andrea says that's the Cathedral spire!!!

It goes a long way up....

We found another drain cover too!!!  Haven't seen one of that design before!!!

And some Few Sha's!!  Pink and purple, Dilly would like those!

I lost another one of my tags too!!!

Wow!!  Andrea says that a pair of Peregrin Falcons live at the top of Chichester Cathedral and every year, they raise a new family!!!

They got a sundial on the side too!
Shame it's not sunny though...

Oh, it's a pottery exhibition!!!!!!!!!  Let's go in!!!

We met a Lumposaurus! 

There's a whole herd of them too, and they've all got names!!!

One was called Lumpy, another one was Ethel, another one was called Mabel and then there was the Other One!!!!! (Andrea has a terrible memory!!)

These Lumposaurus's were made by Brian Tew who lives in a town called Ferring which is near Worthing apparently.  He has a website if you want to go see.

After that, we went to see the Cathedral itself.  There was another thingummy of Queen Elizabeth by the door!!!  Hahahahahaaaa!!

We saw some stained glass windows too....

This red one was designed by a chap called Marc Chagall....

Andrea says he's a famous artist!!

On the way out, we saw these ones too.
We started to get a bit hungry then, and Andrea said there was a Cathedral Cafe that did food but when we went in, it was jamed packed to the rafters!!!!

So we decided to have a wander and go eat somewhere else!

Oh coo, look at that!!

Oh here's a restaurant!  Let's go in here!!!

We had a Big Delly Sub with melted Brie Cheese (yummy!) and crispy Bacon (don't tell Sullivan!) and lots of veggies, and a fizzy drink.  We got Doritoes and a hot salsa too but it was too hot for us to eat!  So we left that.

Then we went out for another wander round the shops.

Oh look...!

We found an art shop too and bought some stuff, and then tied one of Ana's things to a railing!  She sent that to me from Brazil!!!

We saw that sign on a shop too!  It's pretty!!

And a hanging boot!!!

Then we found another art gallery and decided to go in!  (It was free entry!  We like free entry!)

We tied one of my tags to a fence and also one of Brazillian Ana's tags to a fence!!!

This gallery had some lovely etched windows!!!!!

They're pretty!!!

Then we decided to go home for tea....!

So we went back to the train station.....

And whizzed back home!

We're going past Shoreham Harbour here!

And then walked home from the station!!!

We got these from the art shop - some pink and yellow fancy paper, blue raffia and pink tags to decorate!

We got some chocolate with Dragon ginger in it!!!

And some postcards to send.
What fun!!!


  1. Another grand adventure! The pottery exhibition looked beary fun!

  2. Nice trip! Is there still room for a Chichester thingie on Andrea's backpack? I remember there are a lot of them on her backpack already! :-)

  3. Lumposaurus!? Wow... that is a new type of critter for me! Sandy was studying his dinosaurs and couldn't find any that looked vaguely like a lumposaurus. He is impressed that you photographed such a rare creature!

  4. Adorei,Andrea...é como se eu estivesse por lá...Abraço!