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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Beanie Met Alexander from Canada!!!!!

Last Tuesday, Andrea brought me into work because she said we were going to do something really exciting afterwards!!!!!

 She changed clothes first and then we went for a walk to the Royal Pavilion!!

We were going to meet Alexander Mackenzie Bear!!!!!

We were all hungry already, so we walked down to Harry Ramsden's Fish and Chip restaurant nearby.
That's Me and Alexander!!!!!!  I've met a Real Canadian Bear now!!!

First of all, I presented him with his Runner Up Winner Medal for the Synchronised Farting Contest in the Bear Olympics.  Alexander was Very Happy!!!

Then he said that he'd brought Team Tango's Bronze Medal prizes for the Staring Contest!!!
Tissue paper and curly ribbon??!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  I can make stuff with that!!
Oh - that's not the prize??  There's more??  REALLY?!!
Oh how exciting!!

 It's the Bronze Medal Dinosaur!!!  Oh how fun!!!

Then Alexander said he'd brought more Bronze Medal prizes all the way from Canada!!!
First of all was some Real Canadian Maple syrup Just For Bears, in a Maple leaf shaped bottle!!
Oh WOWEE!!!!

 And a Bear Shaped Honey Jar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh Tango will LOVE that!!!
And some Canadian Flag stickers!!
Wow, what a haul!!
Thank you so much, Alexander!!!!!

 By now, we were all completely starving, so we tucked into Fish and Chips with salt and vinegar on the chips!!  It was Yummy!!!

That's a picture of Harry Ramsden's restaurant but that silly van driver went past just at the critcal moment.
Bloody drivers.....

 By now, it was weeing it down with rain, so we all made a mad dash onto the Pier because that had an indoors bit we could stay dry under.  (We took some photos first, they're on Alexander's blog)

Then I decided to play the 2p shuffle board game!!!!  Alexander hadn't played this before, so he watched for a while.....

And I won an orange VW camper van!!!
How exciting!!!

THEN we discovered another 2p shuffle board game that had Bears for prizes!!!  By now, Alexander had worked out how to play, so we decided to pool resources (meaning we stole money out of our owners' purses!!!  They didn't mind though...!) and try and win a Bear for Alexander.

 And guess what??!  We won TWO BEARS for Alexander!!!!!
One had a yellow T-shirt that said "Brighton Pier" on it, and the other one had a red T-shirt that said "Brighton Pier on it!
That was so much fun!!!!

By now, it had stopped raining so we went for a walk along the beach.
We stopped for a little rest on this wall and had our photo taken with a Flying Seagull (who probably was trying to take a surreptitious poo somewhere...!)  The seagull missed Alexander's hat though, so we were pleased!! 

 When I got home, I presented Team Tango with the Bronze Medal Staring contest Dinosaur and stickers!
They really likeed those!! 

 THEN I showed them the Bear Honey Jar and they cheered so loudly, I nearly went deaf!!
Team Tango love that prize!!!

 And then I showed them the Maple Syrup prize and they all cheered again!!!!!
They're SOOOOO happy!!!

 Team Tango with the Bronze Medal Staring prizes!!
(Boo Bear is already licking the Honey jar!!  cheeky bear!)


  1. Yay!! Glad Team Tango was happy! Mind you, with bears, you can't go wrong with a honey & maple syrup combination!

  2. Beary nice photos Beanie! Congrats on your prizes! We LOVE maple syrup on pancakes, so yummy!

  3. how cool that you got to meet Sandy!