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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Bob T Bear and Dilly aren't very happy at the moment because their cat Mr Scooter isn't very well at all.  Their Mum has just today posted an update on and it doesn't look good.  If any of you have Bob and Dilly's address, I think it would be an awfully good idea to send them some big Bear Hugs through the post to try and cheer them up.  Tango says that him and Boo and Clarence and Basil are going to make a Bear Care Pakkidge to send them.  Bears are good at doing that, apparently.

In any case, Bob may be late in making announcements about the Synchronised Sitting contest dates.  I don't think we should worry about this because that can always fall under the Paralympics contest dates which is after the regular olympics.  Besides, it's the Year Of The Bear and Bears get to decide when their Olympic sports actually take place!!

(as an aside, we've been thinking about Scoring Methods for the Bear Olympics.  Team Tango say that when they post the Synchronised Farting Contest photos, everyone gets to mark each team out of 10, just like on Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing.  Except you can't score your own team.  That wouldn't be fair.  Then Beanie will add up all the scores for each team because he's good at counting, and the team with the highest score wins gold, second highest silver, third highest bronze and everyone else gets a Special Bear Fart Award)

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  1. Poor Scooter and Scooter's Mum! I'll ask my kitties to send Scooter some feline energy!

    I like the scoring method! And the idea of "flexible" dates works too... Guess I need to pick a date for the Staring competition....