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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Buried Treasure from 2009

In relation to The Altered Page's blog for reposting Buried Treasure (old posts!) here's mine!

This was originally posted in October 2009, on Beanie's Second Birthday (he turned eight!)
As it involves a walk around town, it makes a pleasant introduction to Beanie's Home Town....!

Well, we went out for a walk along the seafront yesterday, and started off going past these arcade games.

We needed tokens to use them though.

Here we are on the seafront - there's a tanker over there... wonder where he's going??

And that's towards Brigthon. Let's go that way!!

I tied one of my CDs to this railing first.

On the way, we walked past this building. Andrea said it used to be a diamond cutting factory!!

I tied another CD to this railing too!!

We saw some interesting sticks on the wall here... wonder where they came from? We left them there because we thought they looked better there!

Then we found a yellow pole with some chicken stickers on it!!! They were funny!

More ducks?? We didn't see any ducks....

This pole is reserved for ART!! I've got some art!!

This pole is especially for leaving CDs on!! I tied my last one above the sticker that said "Hello"!!

That looks so much better now!!
It's an Art Pole!

We walked all the way to the West Pier - that burnt down several years ago which is quite sad.

Then we looked at the Band Stand.

And we had a little rest on the beach.

And then we found a rock with a mosaic on it!

We saw some really old paintings too!

Oh, I like these ones better!!

Someone painted this brilliant Muriel on the boards!!

It's a really big Muriel too, of fish swimming in the English Channel!

We had a look at some boats too.

And walked past this Fish Bar too! I wonder who that guy in the stetson hat is? Tony Curtis wears a stetson....

I love those fishy paintings!

There's metal fish playing saxophones too!!

Then we found the Fishing Museum!! Let's go in!

They had some really old boats inside....

...with some machinery on too....

Andrea says that's where the driver stood when he was driving the boat in the Channel.

They had a boat called SkyLark No 1 here...

When we went outside, I met Lobster!!

And then we saw another Pier!

It's Brighton Pier! Andrea says it used to be called Palace Pier.

Oh! We're going on! How Brilliant! Andrea says it's because it's my Birthday today!!

We've walked all that way....

They have a Carousel with decorated Horses on it! This one's called Laura!

And they've even got a decorated Chicken!!

OH!! A Haunted House!??! Let's go, that's scarey!!

Oh! There's a lady riding another horse!! I wonder if it escaped off the Carousel?

We can go Bull Riding here too?? Gosh! There's lots to do on the Pier!

We then walked down the other side of the Pier.....

And looked towards the Brighton Marina....

And then Andrea took me inside to Play the 2p shuffle board game!!
I love playing this!!

We didn't win anything on that game, but as we were walking out, I spied something in the pot on this game..... Andrea said that since someone had left it there, they obviously didn't want it, so I could take it as a Birthday Present!!

I found my car and it's the same colours as ME!! It's got the number eight on it and because it's my birthday, Andrea says I can be the same number as the car!
I love being Eight!!
We then decided to go home and we saw some more stickers on this pole!!

When I got home, my friends had got out some chocolate Birthday Cake for me!!
So we sat down and ate some Birthday Cakes and I told them all about what I did!
And I showed them my New Car!

We also shared some Cola out of a snazzy New York Mug!

My Family Photograph.
On My 8th Birthday!!


  1. How charming! I am now enchanted with Beanie & want to get to know him better!

  2. Chocolate cake! YUM Papa says he was in Brighton a LONG time must have been in the Middle Ages, hahahaha (Jerry is doing toe wiggles)

    Sandy says he is coming over to visit and may see you in August....we are SO jealous. Just remember that Sandy looks A LOT like Ben in his winter outfit, so we hope you don't confuse us!

  3. How could I POSSIBLY confuse you, Ben?!!!