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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Let the Games BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Beanie went to London!!

Last Sunday, Andrea said we were going out!!!  We walked up the road...

To the bus and went into town!!!

Then we had to walk somewhere, and we found another decorated electric box on the way!!!

And we also saw a fancy door....

 With some pretty tiles over the top of it!!

Then we arrived at the train station!!!  Excellent!  Where are we going???

I made sure we tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!

Oh!! We're going over the Thames!!!  We're in London!!

Then we had to get another bus....

And I tied a tag to the seat in front!!

We're going past Hyde Park Corner here!

We're at the Royal Academy!!  We're going to see another Art Expedition!!

Oh wow!  That's a posh building!!  They have a special Summer Expedition here every year that anyone can enter their paintings into.  Well, you're allowed to enter two paintings each.  Andrea says that she might do that one year!!  Wouldn't that be exciting?!

Andrea had to take a wee so I tied another weathergram to the toilet door!!!  We used our National Art Pass again and got £2 off the ticket price and then had to go to the 2nd floor.  The stairs to the first floor were solid ones and OK, but the stairs from there to the 2nd floor were glass see through ones all the way round and Andrea couldn't use those.  We went to the elevator lift thing and that was all glass too, with no walls or anything!!!!!  We were REALLY scared but found that if we squeezed our eyes shut and held onto the person pressing the buttons, we were OK and made it to the top!!!

We were really glad we went too!  it was a lovely expedition with loads of fabulous paintings!!  One of the portraits of a bar owner looked just like Peter Ustinov!!!!  It was so good, we walked round it twice!
Then we went and bought the book and some postcards!!!

Then we decided to go for a little wander before lunch....

That's a posh entrance isn't it?!  It goes onto Piccadilly and the 38 bus stops right outside!

and over the road is a famous shop called Fortnum and Mason's. 

Nearby is a place called Burlington Arcade which has loads of posh shops in it, including a Laduree cake shop!!!  YIPPEE!!!

Slurpy slurpy lick the window.....!!


Then we walked back a little bit back the way the bus came past a really posh place called The Ritz.  They do Posh Tea in here with cake stands but it's so expensive, we couldn't even afford a lump of sugar.  Besides, they won't let you in if you're not wearing a jacket and tie, which we weren't.  Well, poo on you Mr Ritz Crackers.  Bet your tea's horrid anyway.

Down the side of Green Park, there was an outdoor art expedition too, so we had a look at them too.  Most of them weren't very good but there were some fun cartoony ones there!!

Then we got another bus back to the train station....

And got off here.  We walked down the road a little and found somewhere to have lunch.

We had a big fizzy drink because we were thirsty.

And then we had a whopping great big cheesy bacon burger with loads of chips!!!
Wish Bob was here..... he likes burgers too....

We then had a bit of time to wander round a little before we came home.

We found some London Bears!!

and then we found some brilliant sculptures over a doorway!  These are birds I think....

And that's an Orang Utan having a poo!!!!!!!!!!!

There's an angry Nelliphant...

And a Tiger!

And a shark too!!

That's the Tiger again looking over the doorway!

Then we had a sit down in a little park....

And then it was time to come home!!

Over the Thames River we go.....

And then we walked home from the station!!!

When we got home, we got all the shopping out!!  Now, who shall we sent the postcards to...?

Oh!  That's my dinner, what are you having??!?!?!

(Ed's note: we had an Indian take away and Beanie ate all the popadums again!!!)

Saturday, 21 July 2012


My friend Traveler's back!!!  He's a horsey friend of mine but he retired from blogging for a couple of years.  But he's back now and blogging here and they're on holiday in South America at the moment!!

Go see and say hello!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Bob T Bear and Dilly aren't very happy at the moment because their cat Mr Scooter isn't very well at all.  Their Mum has just today posted an update on and it doesn't look good.  If any of you have Bob and Dilly's address, I think it would be an awfully good idea to send them some big Bear Hugs through the post to try and cheer them up.  Tango says that him and Boo and Clarence and Basil are going to make a Bear Care Pakkidge to send them.  Bears are good at doing that, apparently.

In any case, Bob may be late in making announcements about the Synchronised Sitting contest dates.  I don't think we should worry about this because that can always fall under the Paralympics contest dates which is after the regular olympics.  Besides, it's the Year Of The Bear and Bears get to decide when their Olympic sports actually take place!!

(as an aside, we've been thinking about Scoring Methods for the Bear Olympics.  Team Tango say that when they post the Synchronised Farting Contest photos, everyone gets to mark each team out of 10, just like on Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing.  Except you can't score your own team.  That wouldn't be fair.  Then Beanie will add up all the scores for each team because he's good at counting, and the team with the highest score wins gold, second highest silver, third highest bronze and everyone else gets a Special Bear Fart Award)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Latest painting!!!

This is the most recent watercolour painting that we've done!
It's a building in Paris, near Place de Clichy!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Buried Treasure from 2009

In relation to The Altered Page's blog for reposting Buried Treasure (old posts!) here's mine!

This was originally posted in October 2009, on Beanie's Second Birthday (he turned eight!)
As it involves a walk around town, it makes a pleasant introduction to Beanie's Home Town....!

Well, we went out for a walk along the seafront yesterday, and started off going past these arcade games.

We needed tokens to use them though.

Here we are on the seafront - there's a tanker over there... wonder where he's going??

And that's towards Brigthon. Let's go that way!!

I tied one of my CDs to this railing first.

On the way, we walked past this building. Andrea said it used to be a diamond cutting factory!!

I tied another CD to this railing too!!

We saw some interesting sticks on the wall here... wonder where they came from? We left them there because we thought they looked better there!

Then we found a yellow pole with some chicken stickers on it!!! They were funny!

More ducks?? We didn't see any ducks....

This pole is reserved for ART!! I've got some art!!

This pole is especially for leaving CDs on!! I tied my last one above the sticker that said "Hello"!!

That looks so much better now!!
It's an Art Pole!

We walked all the way to the West Pier - that burnt down several years ago which is quite sad.

Then we looked at the Band Stand.

And we had a little rest on the beach.

And then we found a rock with a mosaic on it!

We saw some really old paintings too!

Oh, I like these ones better!!

Someone painted this brilliant Muriel on the boards!!

It's a really big Muriel too, of fish swimming in the English Channel!

We had a look at some boats too.

And walked past this Fish Bar too! I wonder who that guy in the stetson hat is? Tony Curtis wears a stetson....

I love those fishy paintings!

There's metal fish playing saxophones too!!

Then we found the Fishing Museum!! Let's go in!

They had some really old boats inside....

...with some machinery on too....

Andrea says that's where the driver stood when he was driving the boat in the Channel.

They had a boat called SkyLark No 1 here...

When we went outside, I met Lobster!!

And then we saw another Pier!

It's Brighton Pier! Andrea says it used to be called Palace Pier.

Oh! We're going on! How Brilliant! Andrea says it's because it's my Birthday today!!

We've walked all that way....

They have a Carousel with decorated Horses on it! This one's called Laura!

And they've even got a decorated Chicken!!

OH!! A Haunted House!??! Let's go, that's scarey!!

Oh! There's a lady riding another horse!! I wonder if it escaped off the Carousel?

We can go Bull Riding here too?? Gosh! There's lots to do on the Pier!

We then walked down the other side of the Pier.....

And looked towards the Brighton Marina....

And then Andrea took me inside to Play the 2p shuffle board game!!
I love playing this!!

We didn't win anything on that game, but as we were walking out, I spied something in the pot on this game..... Andrea said that since someone had left it there, they obviously didn't want it, so I could take it as a Birthday Present!!

I found my car and it's the same colours as ME!! It's got the number eight on it and because it's my birthday, Andrea says I can be the same number as the car!
I love being Eight!!
We then decided to go home and we saw some more stickers on this pole!!

When I got home, my friends had got out some chocolate Birthday Cake for me!!
So we sat down and ate some Birthday Cakes and I told them all about what I did!
And I showed them my New Car!

We also shared some Cola out of a snazzy New York Mug!

My Family Photograph.
On My 8th Birthday!!