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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beanie At The Manga Show, Day Three and Prizes!

Monday was our last day at the youth hostel!!!
We had another early breakfast of toast and jam, cornflakes and coffee!!!

Then we had to pack up and move out!!!

Just as well we left early though..... it wasn't a bank holiday last Monday like it usually is (we have two extra days next week because of the Queen) so all the buses were packed solid with commuters!!!  One of them didn't even bother stopping, it was so full up!!
Eventually, we managed to get on one back to the station!!

Here we are about to go over the Thames!!!

There's the Houses of bastards Idiots again.....

We got off at the side entrance of Victoria Station, because that was closer to the platform we had to get to!
Good idea Batman!!

And we still had time to spare before the train left!!

And we're off.....

And then we got off and walked home!  (it only takes us ten minutes!)

I got another stamp in my passport too!  I love my passport!!!

Andrea showed me the shopping she bought at the Manga show!  She got a Steampunk radio show CD...

And a Steampunk ring!  Wow!

Now for the freebies!!  If you'd like a chance to win any of the following items (starting with the DVD shown above) then leave a comment on this post.  I'll announce all the winners on Sunday 10th June.
The first item up for grabs is a Anime DVD of "Astro Boy" - this will ONLY PLAY ON EUROPEAN MACHINES!! 

The second and third items are two DVDs that are exactly the same, so two people can sign up for this.  Anime DVD "The Movie Eurekan", again this will ONLY PLAY ON EUROPEAN MACHINES.

Now, the next four items are Manga books...... we found a very good deal on a traders stall where if we bought two books, we got another two for free, so out of the following four books, pick TWO ONLY that you'd like to read starting with the above, "Red Hot Chili Samurai vol.1". 
First come first served on this deal.
(I don't mind which two are regarded as the "free books" so pick any two!!)

2nd choice, "Demon Diary, vol 2"

3rd choice "Fate Stay Night vol 8"

and fourth choice "Future Diary, vol 10".
I may re-offer the other two once I've read them, so watch this space!!!!

This book is a separate offer from the others - it's actually a left over freebie from last years' Manga show of which I got several copies and this is the last one left. 
It's a selection of chapters from five other books as a "Taster Pack".

And Finally, this is a left over freebie from a Manga Show from two years ago - front of folder - and it contains 4 discs for a Playstation (believed Sony) and I think they're all the same game.

You can either ask for one of the discs only, or the whole lot and give some away to your friends, I don't mind which!
So..... hope you enjoyed the little trip and good luck on the prize draw!!


  1. Oh, so many cool things to chose from.
    The Demon Diary an Fate Stay Night both look really cool so I'd go for one of those.

  2. Oh Beanie, I had no idea you are into Manga. That must have been a fun weekend.

  3. Sign me up too, but can't play the euro's, so I'm up for any of the others you might have left.