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Monday, 28 May 2012

Beanie At The Manga Show, Day One.

 Last Saturday, Andrea said we were Going On A Trip!!
Brilliant!!  I made sure everything was packed!

OK, I'm ready.  What are we waiting for?!?!

We then went up the road....

For Hove Train Station!!
I live riding trains!

We went to Victoria Train Station in London..... and while Andrea was taking a pee, I tied a CD to the door!!  Hahahahaaa!!

Then we had to get the bus somewhere.  Andrea said we needed the C10 bus and because there was a diversion on around the train station, we had to ask where to find the right bus stop!!

 When we got on, I tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!!

 Here we are crossing over the Thames River.  You can just see that London Eye Millenium Wheel thing

There's that Houses of Scoundrels place where they fiddle the expense sheets.
They're good at that.

Then we ended up at Thameside Youth Hostel, at the bus stop after Rotherhithe Underground station!

We were put in room 217 on the second floor and we got a bottom bunk!
I like those, they're easier to climb into!!!

We had a look out of the window - you can just see that funny gherkin building in the distance!

There's the roof of the reception area!!!

After we dumped our bags, we decided to go for a walk before dinner.

We found a spray painted car!!

Oh that's pretty!  I don't remember those....

 We also saw some lovely pink flowers!!  Dilly would like them!!

Oh, now I remember that statue!!!

In a little park, we saw a tree stump with some mushrooms growing out of it!!!

Then we found the Brunel Museum and my favourite train set!!
I love playing on this train!!!


It's got carriages at the back - I wish Bob and Dilly and Tango and George could come here - they'd like playing on this too!!

We decided to go into the Brunel Museum (it only costs £3 to get in!!) and we had tea and cake as well!
That was yummy!!

We also got a book too - Andrea says the blurb says it's a thriller-y book set in the 1850s when Brunel was alive and it's a little bit Jack-the-Ripper-ish too!

Down the road, we found the Mayflower Tavern..... They do food here and we decided to come back here for dinner.

A sign on the pub wall...!

Then we got some bread from a shop and went to feed the ducks and geese -  
That was heaps of fun!!

We also saw a Dutch bridge too!

And tied another CD to a bench!!!!

Then we were getting hungry so we went back to the Mayflower Tavern and had a half pint of Lager...

And a small portion of beer battered haddock and chips and mushy peas!
That's a SMALL PORTION????  WOW!!
That was seriously yumtastik and it only cost £8.65, and that's including the drink!!!!

We then walked back to the youth hostel and had another look at this statue!

I really like that statue....!

And lost another CD on the way!!!

Gosh, I'm pooped.
Wake me in the morning..................zzzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. A trip to London, a ride on a little train, and haddock fish...those are some of our beary favorite things! What a grand adventure Beanie!

  2. Anorher nice trip for you and Andrea! I hope we'll be able to make a trip this week, we are free!