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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Beanie Went To London!!!!

I just got back home from a trip to London!!!  I went with Tango and George and Andrea and we went to see an Art expedition about Mondrian and we went to see a Big Gold Horse at Trafalgar Square and - BEST OF ALL!!!!! - we met Bob and Dilly and their Mum and went to the Tower of London!!!  Tango and Bob were swinging on the bus and Bob's Mum fed a Raven and George and Dilly did a dance for The King!  And we had fish and chips for lunch and cake too!!!!!  And lots of chocolate!!

We have LOADS of pictures which we'll show you soon!!!


  1. Oooh! You all got to meet again!!!! That is so cool! Looking forward to see the pictures! Have a nice Easter weekend!

  2. Huwayyy!!!!!!!!!!! Dilly hav lots fotoes too!!! Hope put on blog soon! Tell Mummy do fast!!!

    But be carftering Scooter awl day.... still not eet. EET, Scooter, EEEEETTTT!!!!!!!