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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Beanie Went to London, Day Three!!

 On Sunday, we all went into the dining room for breakfast!!!  Cornflakes, toast with Marmalade (Tango's favourite!) and coffee!!

Then it was time for us to leave!!!  We weren't happy at all.  We really enjoyed this weekend and didn't want it to end!

then we got the bus again.....

 Back to Victoria Station....!  They're doing loads of roadworks here.

 Andrea needed to take a wee, so I tied a tag to the door while we were there!!!  Hahahahaa!!

 I made sure we got on the right train, and tied another tag to the seat in front!!

 Here we are going over the Thames...

And here we are walking home from the train station!!!
I think we did the best day in London weather wise - it's all wet and horrid today!

 Then we all unpacked and started talking about our weekend!  It was so much fun!!!
George was so happy to have done a birthday dance with Dilly!!!

 And I got another rubber stamp in my passport!!!
Hey, Andrea, can we stay in some other youth hostels?  I have quite a few from St Pauls!!

We also found all this stuff in London too!!!!  More elastic hair ties (one of them the Raven gave us at the Tower of London!!!) and two earrings and a Westminster Abbey ticket and even a Globe Theatre ticket!!  There's even a French Metro ticket there too!!!
I can make loads of cards with all this stuff!

Thank you Bob and Dilly, for such a fun day out!!!


  1. What great finds! Hey we didn't leave any tags in the Tower of London!

    I remember the raven nibbling that hairband.

  2. I've got a feeling I might've left one in the ladies loo....!!!!!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time. You are lucky you live close enough to meet up.