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Monday, 9 April 2012

Beanie went To London, Day One

On Friday, we all helped packing a suitcase for another adventure!!!


We went up this street....

To the train station!! Excellent !  Where are we going??

We tied a tag to the seat in front, too!!

And here we are!!  Now, we're getting a number 11 bus today....

Here we go!!!  Tango loves riding buses, specially in London!!

St Paul's Cathedral!!!  Last time we were here, there were lots of revolting protesters outside, but they've all been evicuated now.  Shame...... I like revolting protesters.....

And here we are at the Youth Hostel!!  Excellent!!

We got room two and a bottom bunk this time!!

After we'd dumped the bags, we went out for a drink because we were all really thirsty from all that travelling.

Then we went on another bus ride down the road.

We discovered a disused subway station!!!!!  It's called Strand and used to be on the Picadilly line but the entrance is all blocked up now.  Spooky...!

We then went to Somerset House to see an art expedition about Mondrian!!
We used Andrea's National Art Pass and got in for free!!

We didn't like Mondrian but we went to see all the impressionist paintings as well and they were fab!!!  We saw they'd put something out in the courtyard too.

And we found another indoor drain cover!!

After that, we went into the courtyard to look at the funny flowers!!

Then we noticed that even the windows were done like a Mondrian painting!!

Oh!!  Who's he??

Oh - some guy called Nehru.  He lived in India, Andrea said, and this is outside the Indian Embassy!

Oh WOW!!!!

Do you think he's related to Sullivan???

Then we had another bus ride....

And we did A Special Rekkie Trip especially for tomorrow!!  Andrea said we were doing something special!!

Then we got the bus back to St Paul's because we were getting hungry.

And thirsty!!!

PIZZA!!!!!  YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!  We love pizza!!

Then we had an After Dinner Wander and went to see the Thames.  The tide was out!

And then it was bed time!!  ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................


  1. We always enjoy going to London with you Beanie! Looking forward to see the rest of the trip!

  2. I think a disused tube station would be really really spooky!!!