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Friday, 24 February 2012

Beanie Went To Brussels, Day Two!!!

On Monday, we had a Breakfast Basket at the hostel.  It had Panno Shoko Lah in it!!!!  That's my favourite!

Then we had to go pack our stuff up ready to move on!!!  Where are we going??

Oh!!  I recognise this place!

Eurostar!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're going on holiday!!!!

we checked through the passport control and waited in the departure lounge for our train!!!

After we went through the tunnel, we had our lunch on the train.  Yummm....!

And here we are arrived at Gare Du Midi in Brussels!!  That's a picture of Tintin on a train - he's a cartoon drawn by Herge who's a Belgian artist!!!

 Then because we didn't know how to get to the hotel, we got a taxi.  It didn't take long - we're staying here!
The Hotel Beverly Hills!!!

Our room was on the first floor and we got a big double bed all to ourselves!!!

 That's our view outside - it's off the main road here so Andrea reckons it'll be quiet at night.

The bathroom was a bit of a matchbox sized bathroom but that's OK.  We're little too!

 Then we went for a walk round the neighbourhood - and straight away, we found some halfsized drain covers!!!  Wow!!!

 And grafitti!!!

Oh he's a bit creepy.....


 There's so many of these!!

Hahahahaaaa!!  He's funny!!

Another one!!

Oh!!!  It's an art shop!!  Andrea had found out about Schleiper's art shop on the internet before we came, and it's near our hotel!!  LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!!!

They have SOOOO MUCH stuff in there!  It's huge!  We got lots of stuff, including some pigment to make paint with when we get home!!!

 More drain covers...!


And another one!!

That's a pretty butterfly!

We then had a sit down at our hotel room..... here's our art supplies that we bought!

And we found a load of metro tickets, parking tickets and elastic hair ties!!!  How fab is that?!?!?!!!

Andrea got a watercolour paper pad and we decided to have a go at art journalling about Brussels!!!!

We also made a postcard with some of the tickets we found!!!  (Sullivan already blogged about this!!)

Then we got hungry so we walked down the road and went to a little Asian restaurant that did Vietnam and Thai cooking.  We had an asparagus and crab soup which was yummy.

And then we had a prawn and vegetables dish with white rice.  That was yummy too!!!

 We had another little wander after dinner and saw this church down the street.....

And then we were so tired, we both crashed out and went fast asleep!!!


  1. What a cool trip!
    My owner told me she's been to Brussels once about 20 years ago. Maybe I can convince her to go there with me some day.

  2. What a grand adventure Beanie! Did you try and Belgian chocolate? It's SO beary good. We hope to go to Brussels in 2013.

  3. Standing by some of those drain covers looks dangerous! Be careful!