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Friday, 24 February 2012

Beanie Went To Brussels, Day One!!

 Last Sunday Andrea told me to start packing - we're going on holiday!!!  Yippee!!!

 All done - where are we going?!?!

 Well, off we went up the road....

 To the train station!!!!!  I love trains!

 We came to London!!  Hey, there's the 73 bus!!!  Oh, are we getting that one??  Excellent!

 And we're off, going past the back garden wall of Buckingham Palace!!

 When we got to Park Lane, all of a sudden, hundreds of Roller Bladers whizzed across the road and stopped the traffic!!  Wow!!!

We got off the bus at the British Library!!! 

 Oh!!  We've stayed here before..... when we used Eurostar!!  Are we going on Eurostar again?? Are we?!

We got a room on the third floor and we got a top bunk!  How fun!

 There's the view from the window....!

After we dumped our luggage, we decided to go visit the British Library - and we noticed these funny drawings on the elly vator doors!!

 That one's a movie one!

 Oh, now I remember that guy!!!
We went into the Library to see an expedition about illuminated manuscripts from Henry 8th's time.  They used gesso (which is a mix of plaster of Paris and glue) to paint where the gold was going to be put, and then they breathed on the gesso to activate the glue, and then the gold leaf stuck to it!!!  I never knew that!  They used Carmine, Lapis Lazuli and Malachite to paint the words, and also Lamp Black!! 
We've used some of those colours to make paint with!!!

 Afterwards, we had a sit down.

And then we visited the gift shop and then had a drink.  We got a red badge, a skull badge, a dragon badge and a blue badge.  Who shall we give them to..... let me think......!!

 We had a wander round after that, to stretch our legs.  We saw an artists place!!

 And we found a pretty flagstone on the pavement!!

The snowdrops are out!!!

We also tied some of our weathergrams to railings!  I like doing that!

 We also found where the artist Paul Nash used to live..... never knew that!!

 Oh that's weird.....!!

 Then we got hungry so we went to Pizza Express for dinner!

 Pepperoni Pizza!!  YUMMMMMM......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm exhausted...... wake me in the morning!!

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