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Monday, 27 February 2012

Beanie Went To Brussels, Day Five!!

 On Thursday, Andrea said it was our last day in Brussels - so this was our last breakfast at the hotel!!!  Andrea made sure I had Panno Shoko Lah again because she knows that's my favourite!!!

 Then we had to go make sure we packed everything!!

 We looked out the window and saw that it was raining..... and because we only had an hour or so spare we decided not to go out for a last walk. 

All done!!  Time to go!!!
After we paid the hotel bill, we got a taxi to the train station....

Here we are!!  Gare du Midi where the Eurostar goes from!

We had one last chocolate before we left Brussels!!!

And then found a horse having coffee in a Station Cafe!!!  That's funny!!

 Then it was time to go through customs.

 Here we are!!  Coach Three, that's ours!!

There were a few empty seats when we left Brussels but then we stopped in Lille on the way, and picked up some more passengers!!

 And two hours from leaving Brussels we arrived at St Pancras in London!!!

 That's King's Cross Station!!!
We got there just in time to get a Number 73 bus!!

  And we're off......!

This is going down Park Lane past the Dorchester Hotel..... Andrea spotted a new sculpture in the boulevard down the middle that looked like a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture.  When she took a picture this bus got in the way, dang it!!!
We put an arrow pointing to the sculture which you can see a bit of through the windscreen but you might have to click on the picture to see it properly!!

 And then we got back to Victoria Station with loads of time to get our train home!!!

 and we're off....

 And then it was a short walk home from the station!!

And we even saw a really pretty sunset too!!

 It's nice going on holiday but it's even better seeing your friends again when you get home!!!!!

I even got two stamps in my passport this time!!  This one's a Woo-woo train from the Youth Hostel!!

and then I also got another stamp from Belgium!!

 Here's the art journal we started in Brussels!!

Here's page one....

 Page two.... we put a found ticket on here!!!

 Page three..... with a found Metro ticket!

and page four with another found ticket!
What a fun little trip we had!!!


  1. Oooh That is a nice trip! G. has been to Brussels several times (Harr too of course :-)! ) She has a friend that lived in Brussels and now not far from Brussels. G. says that she likes Brussels a lot! I saw that Jerry and Ben are going to come to Brussels in 2013 perhaps we can all meet there then??? That would be soooooooo COOOOOOL!

    1. (Dilly hav post as reply to Hammie- hallo Hammie!- as 'post comment' linky thing go AWOL. Fnar!

      Beanie, Dilly be sorwy for posting scary video. Wols only eet shoogar mowse, not weel mowse. Be shoogar mousies!

      Dilly like reed bowt Brussels. Not ever go Brussels. Dilly like Pano Shoka Lah too.

  2. Thanks for the postcard Beanie! We just made a post of it. Those pain au chocolat in your photo look SOOOOO yummy, we're jealous! We're enjoying reading about your beary fun adventure in Brussels!

  3. That's a good idea about meeting up in Brussels! That would be funny!
    @ Dilly - I feel a little better now that you said they were sugar mice. Although eating sugar mice still sounds bit a like cannibalism.... but that's better than real mice!!

  4. Would be fun to meet up next year, but I'm not sure yet if I will have the time or money for a trip to Brussels. Will try.

  5. Ooh, that would be really fun! Papa is taking students on a course-trip, so it is not a full vacation, but we will have 1 or 2 afternoons free, so we could meet up! We hope to come back to the Netherlands and to England too, so we'll eventually see you all!

    Wouldn't it be fun to have so many blog friends together in 1 photo!!

  6. How lucky you are! Last year we have travelled only a little because of our little baby girl, and when I see all your photos I envy you a lot!!