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Monday, 2 January 2012


I was talking on the phone to Bob the other day - well, texting on the mobile phone - about the Chinese Astrology thing and how some animals have their own year.  There's 12 of them..... Horse, Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Rat, Goat, Snake, Dog, Rooster, Pig, Rabbit, Monkey but not necessarily in that order!

Now, what upsets me and Bob is that there's no Year of The Bear and no Year of The Mouse.  (Rattie is a third cousin twice removed, and not quite the same as a mouse!!)  We decided to invent the Cyberstrology Years of Animals that Were Left Out by The Chinese!!!! 

So, here's the start of the list.
1. Year of The Bear
2. Year of The Mouse
3. Year of The Hamster
4. Year of The Hippopotamus
5. Year of the Honey Bee
6. Year of The Sheep Llama?
7. Year of the Ladybug
8. Year of The Cat
9. Year of The Chicken
10 Year of The Giraffe
11 Year of the Scorpion
12 Year of the Elephant

Now, obviously we need a few more animals to put in, so if you know any that aren't listed in the Chinese Zodiac, then please nominate them!!  We'll also need to write a "Animal Traits" biography thing for each animal.  For instance, Mouse are inquisitive curious animals that enjoy travelling.  They are very good at finding lost items on the floor and recycling them into new objects that can then be re-used.  In fact, the Mouse invented The Green Movement currently in use amongst humans.  Mouse has a healthy disrespect for authority and are known to have a wonderful sense of humour.  They get on very well with everybody.  It is a little known fact that the Mouse Patron Saint is St Anthony of Padua..... patron saint of lost things, seekers of lost things, little animals, travellers and the postal system!!!  (sounds like Beanie, right?!!?)

So - want to join in???!!  We'll decide when each "Year Of" starts later on, and then work out some celebration-y stuff!!  Also, since Tazzie chose so many animals, we only have one more space to fill!!  I did suggest the other day we have more than 12, but I changed my mind.  It'll mean waiting AGES for the next cycle to come round!

WE DID IT!!!  Yay!


  1. Well, the pig is already covered, so i'm going to say: hippo
    hippos are fierce, protective and stubborn with a gentle and clumsy side to them as well.

  2. We like bees; without bees, there would be no honey!! That would be terrible!

  3. I love the sheep, are there sheep in the Chinese calendar?

  4. Thanks for thinking about hamsters :-)! And what about a ladybug? They bring good luck and in the Netherlands they are also a sign against violence...

  5. I got the following message from Taz on Facebook....
    Mummies not looking at the computer at the moment so i thought I would send you a quick message.

    We have just read your Zodiac page and have name ideas, but we don't know how to add them.

    Beanie, i haven't got long left on this planet, but I would like you to keep up the hard work, thank Andrea for helping you cause she is so special and stay strong.

    My animals were, the cat, the chicken- different to Rooster, the Giraffe and Scorpio cause the Chinese eat to many of them! Just some ideas.

    Love tons, Taz and Mum, (She caught me!) x

  6. How about an elephant - wise, kind, loving and with excellent memories. Beautiful animals who take life slowly.

  7. Keep getting thrown off heer an I keep trying to comment aaaarrrr

    Hey the Chinese alreddy do a yeer of the sheep. Mummy is a sheep. On sum calendars they call it a ram or even a goat. But mostly it's a sheep. So do yu reelly want to giv sheeps another wun?! Hey wat abowt a llama? Hahaha

    I like the idea ov an elephant! An hunny bees too!

  8. Now, I'm confused a bit. If Mice are allowed a year because we're not the same as rats, then how come sheep, goats and rams have to share one?